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May 30, 2014

This week’s Community Spotlight shines on the incredible Overtakes of the Week series and its creator RyanL983. The weekly series is jam-packed full of incredible F1 overtakes with hundreds of players across the globe sending in their footage and hoping to land in the top 10.

We love this series because it combines two of our favourite things – our incredible F1 community and clean online racing. Check out the Q&A with Ryan below to find out a bit more about the series and what’s next for Ryan’s channel.


How did you get into the YouTube scene?

I got into YouTube when I saw IntoTheBarrier doing videos on F1 2012, he was the first F1 YouTuber I ever subscribed to. From then on I wanted to make a channel that would showcase all the areas of the Codemasters games such as career mode and online mutliplayer.

I made the channel in October 2012 at the start of my university studies and had to fit that in with my uni work, which at times was hard to do, but I managed to get a schedule planned out (which I still use to this current day).

What made you start Overtakes of the Week?

I had planned Overtakes Of The Week over 3 months before I released the announcement video. I had an idea for the series when I was competing in the Apex Racing League (Now Known As AOR) and noticed that people were uploading highlight videos of their races, which in some cases for a few had some fantastic overtakes in them.

After releasing your first episode did you receive a good response?

I wasn’t expecting a huge response until someone had sent me a link to the F1 Codemasters Facebook and Twitter page and they had posted my video up. After that I was getting a huge response and managed to gain a lot of subscribers, (100+ in a single day).

To this day the first video has over 25,000 views and is still my most popular episode. I currently get hundreds of overtakes sent to my email account on a weekly basis, people are committed to recording their overtakes and sending them to me.

What has been your favourite episode so far?

In my honest opinion, every episode of Overtakes Of The Week has been my favourite. They showcase some of the best overtakes you can do across all of the F1 Games you’ve have made over the years.

Plus, for me, the goal for each episode is to let the F1 community showcase their overtakes online and for the viewers to see, and check out their channels.

How about your favourite overtake so far?

I’ve watched thousands of overtakes and If I’m honest everyone has something that makes it special. From overtaking round the outside of Eau Rouge, a double overtake at or an overtake at in Monaco etc. Everyone is a favourite of mine.

We like how you introduce guest commentators. How many have you had on now?

Over the course of F1 2012 and F1 2013 I have had some of the biggest F1 YouTubers commentate OOTW.  IntoTheBarrier, Tiametmarduk, AlexZAfRo, FisiFan91, xMattyG, RapidScorpion, Aarava, Noble2909 and Alex Gillon have all taken out their own time to work with me, which I really appreciate.

If you could have any commentator commentate over your video who would it be and why?

There are a few commentators that I would love to have on Overtakes Of The Week, but for me there are only three that are up there – Martin Brundle, David Croft and Murray Walker. They are brilliant with a microphone and their passion for the sport drives them to produce some outstanding commentary during the races.

So What Got You Into Formula One As A Sport?

It was many years ago when I was about 6 and I came across the 1998 Japanese Grand Prix on television. I was instantly glued to it and just sat down in the middle of the room and watched the entire race. I’ve been watching the sport ever since and would like to work within Formula 1 once my university studies come to an end.

And finally, what other videos/series should we look out for on your channel?

I have a few ideas that I’ll be bringing into the channel for when F1 2014 comes out.

The most important one will be the launch of a community based F1 2014 career mode where viewers determine what will happen during the race weekend (race and qualifying strategy). I plan to live stream the career mode on YouTube and make sure it’s something that’s never been done before.

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