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May 13, 2014

As Community Managers we’re always keeping an eye out on what awesome stuff you’re doing with our games. From kick ass YouTube videos, to professional racing leagues, to the crazy gaming setup in your bedroom; we love this stuff, and we want to share it. Our weekly Community Showcase will do just that, share the awesome stuff you are doing with our games.

This week we’re starting with the Vortex Racing League, a league that actually started on our very own forums. Originally named Codemasters Forums Racing Leagues, they set out to run social races in the off-topic section of the site, however expansion came around sooner than expected after a large increase in interest from those outside of the forum. And so Vortex Racing Leagues was born, a fun, clean and competitive community that compete on F1 2013 and DiRT 3 on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We had a chat with VRL’s admin, Matt, about the current season and how the league came to be.


How would you describe your league to someone that hasn’t heard of it before?

VRL is a fun league with a fantastic community of drivers, multiple leagues and a lot of freedom for drivers when it comes to creating their own leagues in particular. The racing is competitive, fun and great friendships have been formed at VRL with many drivers racing together outside VRL, like in Co-Op championships. We have also taken part in inter-league races against other leagues and we have come out on top which is great to see. In a recent survey of our members we achieved an 81% satisfaction rating with the majority rating our league as ‘Fantastic’, and we are very pleased about this.

Talk us through how your league was started.

VRL was founded on 13th December 2012, originally named the Codemasters Forums Racing Leagues (CMFRL). The reason for the name was because the original idea was for common off-topic forum members to meet up and have a race on the PS3. After this, we decided to take it further and make it into a league for CM forum members. After interest from outside the forum, we started letting anyone in. Then we expanded to Xbox 360 and PC leagues and after some publicity in the old Codies Blog we attracted members and started lots of F1 2012 championships. After this we decided to change our name to Vortex Racing Leagues (this also allowed us to expand from Codemasters games and some members wrongly thought we were an official Codemasters league, which was not correct, so this confusion was now avoided).

We have a professional forum with administrators, moderators and race stewards. We also have our own blog. Our championships have full rules and regulations and we host clean, fun and exciting leagues. The vast majority of our members have stayed on for multiple seasons of championships.

How’s your current season going?

We started our fourth season of F1 leagues two weeks ago for PS3 and Xbox 360. This season we are running custom calendars to make the season more exciting, saving the members’ favourite races until last. The drivers this season are fantastic and the racing is very fun and competitive.

The drivers this season are fantastic and the racing is very fun and competitive.

As we’ve only completed two races in the current season it doesn’t mean you cannot enter though, as we accept members throughout the season, so sign up now!

Out of all the league races you’ve witnessed, which one has been your favourite?

At VRL we have seen 18 leagues completed in our short existence, and hundreds of races have taken place, and each one has a different story. One race which stands out for many drivers is the X360 Formula 1 Japanese GP, Season 1. This race had changeable conditions with the race starting in dry conditions and finishing in heavy rain. The lead changed many times and the top five were regularly covered by less than 4 seconds meaning the winner wasn’t confirmed until the very last corner. The racing throughout the grid was close and no contact was made at all during the race which is fantastic. A thrilling race.


How many platforms does your league support?

Vortex Racing Leagues currently have F1 2013 leagues on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but you can organise social races on whatever game and platform you like.

What games do you currently compete on?

We compete on F1 2013 and DiRT 3, and we are planning on running some GRID Autosport leagues when the game is released in June.

If people wanted to join your league, how would they go about it?

Signing up to VRL could not be easier. And the great thing is that VRL is free. Always has been, always will be.

Step 1) Creating a VRL account

With your VRL account, you are able to post on our forums and interact with our great community. Just follow these steps.

1) Click the link included in this blog to go to our website.

2) After looking around our homepage, click ‘Register’ in the top left corner underneath the big VRL banner and then fill in the relevant details.

Step 2) Joining a VRL championship

Now you have your account and you roughly know what you want to race in. We do ask that new members complete a short 3 lap driver application race before committing themselves to a championship. This is just so we can make sure you are a clean racer. To do this, follow these simple steps.

1) Go to our ‘VRL Driver Application’ forum and then the ‘Driver Application’ thread. Just give us your details and then you can arrange the 3 lap race with another existing VRL driver, at a time that suits you.

And finally, if you had to describe your league in three words, what would they be?

Fun. Competitive. Community.

And that makes the end of our very first Community Spotlight, big thanks to Matt from VRL for answering those questions for us. We’re looking forward to featuring more stuff like this throughout the year.

If you’d like your content or activity showcased here on the blog then the best place to share is in our forums or on our social channels. Keep the awesome stuff coming guys.

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