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June 3, 2014

Every so often our developers take a break from the virtual track and test their skills on a real one. The GRID guys have been doing a spot of drifting at Brands, the DiRT guys are renowned for their rally adventures and our F1 team are frequent visitors to the kart track.

Most recently some of our Formula 1 devs took a trip Daytona Motorsports, Milton Keynes with 17 members overall taking to the track. Senior Games Designer Lee Mather and Level Designer Beck Shaw equipped themselves with Go Pros and recorded their view of the race.

Mather Cam

Lee Mather | Final Position: 5th | Fastest lap: 01:12:496

Shaw Cam

Beck Shaw | Final Position: 9th | Fastest lap: 01:14:046

For those wondering, the team raced on the International Circuit with Game Designer Steven Embling setting the fastest lap of the day with a speedy 00:70:287 (all time circuit record: 00:67:849). As for the podium? Steven Embling secured the top spot with Experienced Games Designer David Greco just behind in 2nd (+0.402). Programmer James Miller finished in 3rd (+27.313).

Have you raced at Daytona MK? Let us know your fastest time on the International Circuit via our Facebook and Twitter!

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