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June 6, 2014

Hello! Welcome to the Codies Weekly Update with your guest host; Luke! Yes sadly Lee’s away this week so there’ll be no introductory Codies weather update. Moving on…

Three weeks to go! Yep, that’s right; we’re only three weeks away from launching GRID: Autosport, time flies when you’re super, super busy, having fun! The closer we get, the more we reveal – This week we went all out and announced every car and track that’s going to feature in GRID: Autosport, it’s a tonne of content and we cannot wait to hear what you think come launch day.


Locations_featDiscipline Focus // Open Wheel

“Easy does it”, a phrase I often repeat to myself when I partake in a bit of Open Wheel racing, the thought that just a little too much throttle on the exit of the corner will cause the rear end to wriggle, squirm and potentially spin out is all too familiar.

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monster_driverThe Cars of GRID Autosport

Whether you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a Honda Civic Touring Car, a Ford GT40 MK1, Mazda 787B, Lola B05/52 or a McLaren P1™ we’ve got you covered with GRID Autosport. But what are we waiting for, on with the list!

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Steam_PreOrderGRID Autosport Track List

Today we’re really excited to be confirming the full track list for you all. We’ve got some old friends making an appearance alongside a couple of fresh faces that we think will offer some great racing action, but enough talk, here’s the full list.

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Woo! F1 is back this weekend! Sure, it’s only been two weeks since our last race but we cannot wait to hit resume on this spectacular season. Make sure to head on over to our F1 Facebook and Twitter channels to discuss the race live!

Don’t forget to check out this week’s Community Spotlight where we caught up with FisiFan91, the admin for one of the most renowned racing leagues around – Apex Online Racing.


This week the DiRT Rally Championship came to an end with a 4 stage final showdown that saw 1st place go to Team STP, 2nd place to Euronics Gaming and 3rd place to Team Pfalzer. Big congrats to those guys!


If you missed the last few rounds of the Championship and still fancy challenge feel free to enter our bonus round on Monte!

And finally – We all remember our first car (X-reg Corsa!) and DiRT’s no different.

Screenshot of the Week

We’re going to cheat again, because everyone loves open-wheelers right?! OpenWheel_1

Tweet of the Week

Now that’s a quote we’d like to see on the box!


Video of the Week

FYRacing were on top form this week while attending the STPR (do you know what that stands for?).

And that’s about it for this week folks! Hope you have a great weekend.

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