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June 20, 2014

It’s that time of the week, and what a time it is – the sun is shining, the Steam sale is smoking and GRID Autosport is out in just one week!

This Week’s Big News…

…has to be GRID Autosport’s latest trailer. Not to toot our own horn too much (indulge us), but our ‘This Is Racing’ video has sparked some serious office debate – is it the best Codies trailer ever? Other contenders include F1 2013’s This is Formula 1 video and DiRT 3’s Teaser Trailer. Fire us a tweet and let us know your favourite.


In other big news we unloaded a massive update for free-to-play Boom! Tanks right into the App Store’s face. Here’s some blurb about this new slab of tank-on-tank action:

Take command of 14 brand new tanks, including the M100A1 MacArthur, Challenger 2 and the T-105A and roll into battle against two deadly new factions in two stunning new environments. Battle ‘Los Saqueadores’ in a dense and dangerous urban jungle and hunt down the ‘New World Order’ in the searing heat of the red desert.

Take on other players in the new Challenge mode – fight three rounds and beat your opponent’s score to be the champion in the new Boom! Tanks multiplayer mode!



RaceNet_3RaceNet and GRID Autosport

Having launched alongside DiRT Showdown back in 2012, it’s crazy to think that RaceNet is over two years old already. New games have arrived and with each one the service continues to evolve. We’re now on the brink of releasing GRID Autosport to the world, and with it, our best RaceNet support to date.

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GRID_Autosport_Street_02Discipline Focus // Street

When we think of Street Racing we can’t help succumbing to a wave of nostalgia as we reminisce about races we had around the likes of San Francisco and Washington in Race Driver: GRID. The good news is that GRID Autosport looks set to forge similar memories, as both locations make a return alongside Chicago, Dubai, Paris and Barcelona.

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255220_2014-05-12_00020Mont Tremblant Makes The List

The early stages of a new game project are always exciting, it’s the point where all the ideas meetings happen and we discuss what tracks and cars we want to include. This is where THE LIST comes into play. We all have one, that wish list of tracks or cars that we’d love to see brought to life in the next project.

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Autosport_Black_Edition_ftLaunch day is almost here!

We’re currently less than a week away from launch, something which is quite hard for us to fathom as it seemed like only yesterday we announced GRID Autosport to the world. The past few months have flown by in an automotive shaped blur.

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Formula 1

The Codies League Championship (CLC) is back! Starting June 24th you’ll be able to watch incredible spectacles of online racing, featuring some of the top leagues on PlayStation competing for the Championship title. The CLC consists of 5 weekly races, and we’re happy to confirm that each and every one will be streamed live on Twitch.

Every race will feature two members from each league battling it out across some of the most iconic circuits in the world.



This week Team DiRT witnessed quite possibly the most impressive set of stats from a player we have ever seen for DiRT 3 – over 1,500 hours played! We’re not expecting anybody to be able to top that but, if you think you can let us know…

Tweet of the Week

Jelly car, hover car, tiny car… so many awesome cheats; they must be due a comeback?

Video of the Week

*drops mic*


Well, the World Cup is in full swing and we’ve been fully in the mood. The wallchart is up and updated(pic?), and we’ve been playing the world’s best and only footy game – Sensible Soccer of course – at lunch time to indulge in a little nostalgia and see if we can predict a few results. Irritatingly, Urgaguay DID beat England by a goal

Ok, not quite the right score, but it does prove that office Sensi is more accurate than our penguin mates from up the road.

Once we’re over that actual England defeat (too soon, today, too soon), we’ll be playing a few games next week, all broadcast via the magic of Twitch TV. Subscribe to our channel and keep an eye on our Twitter to get involved and see some of the frankly outrageous tackles that have been flying around. Seriously, there’s some proper score settling going on between colleagues here.

And Finally…

Big week next week, GRID Autosport finally races into stores! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and no doubt we’ll have a few cheeky giveaways for copies of the game. Have an awesome weekend, enjoy the F1 and we’ll be back at same time next week.

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