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June 27, 2014

It’s raining! We had a BBQ planned and everything but now it’s all soggy outside and we can’t have it. Looking on the bright side though, GRID Autosport is finally out worldwide and we’re overwhelmed with the great feedback from you guys.

This Week’s Big News

Were you not paying attention? GRID Autosport is out so go grab a copy now if you haven’t already and be sure to tweet us and let us know what you think.

GRID Game Reviews

“Codemasters has painstakingly tuned its flagship series, reducing weight by stripping it of unnecessary luxuries, and created a leaner, race-focused machine.”


“Autosport is the best bits of Grid 1 & 2, distilled into a focussed and finely tuned racer capable of delivering joy on the track”


“One of the outgoing generation’s best racers”


“In the very first race, I’d already been handed one of those memorable gaming moments, where you and the game seem to work in synergy to create pure drama”

Pixel Dynamo

“The best AI in any racing game”


Trying to fulfil a sponsor objective that demands you drive a clean race and still bag the podium necessary to win the championship becomes the single hardest and most rewarding thing you’ve recently done in a racing game. It’s excellent.

PC Gamer



Even DiRT is getting in on the action and somehow managed to muscle into GRID Autosport. That’s right, if you’re a fan of our games you’ll be able to create a custom livery and take to the track. You can even use them for your RaceNet club.

So if you’re a dedicated DiRT Fan and want to help us stick it to the GRID team sign up to our RaceNet Club.

In actual DiRT news we found this yesterday, brand new in box too!

Formula 1


Tonight sees the inaugural event of the second season of the Codies League Championship. Tune in tonight from 8pm on our channel to watch the race.

Video of the Week

Tweet of the Week

This week’s belongs to Touring Car legend Matt Neal

Screenshots of the Week

Yup that’s right we’ve got a few, here are our GRID Autosport “top shots” from AZWew on Steam.

sotw-27-6-14 sotw-27-6-14-a sotw-27-6-14-b

Short and sweet this week, we’re all off to enjoy our soggy BBQ and play some GRID Autosport. We hope you all have a fantastic weekend, we’ll be back same time next week.

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