June 9, 2017



So, the time has come… it gives us an incredible amount of joy, delight and excitement to say that DiRT 4 is officially out now! Everywhere! On all platforms! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Seriously though, we’ve come a long way with DiRT 4 – and we just want to say thank you. The very first DiRT game, ‘Colin McRae: DiRT’, came out almost 10 years ago to the day – and ‘Colin McRae Rally’ nine years before that. Here we stand, many games later, with DiRT 4 – a game we’re so proud of, and one we genuinely believe is a game-changer for the genre.


We announced DiRT 4 approximately 11,577,600 seconds ago (a mere 134 days, for those of you who don’t have a calculator to hand) and since then, we’ve been trying to show you all of the awesome features DiRT 4 has. Today, it’s time for us to stop showing the game to you – and time for you to see for yourself. We can’t wait for you to finally get your hands on the game, and we hope you love it as much as we’ve loved making it.

Of course, before we let you crack on with hitting the road and being fearless, there’s a lot to get through – including reviews, videos, wallpapers, and plenty of other bits and pieces – so without further ado, let’s get on with our very special launch Road Book. :)

The live launch day DiRT Show

So, you know that bit about 30 seconds ago when we said we were going to stop showing you the game, and start letting you play it? Well you can still play it… but we did show it to you one last time, in a special live launch day DiRT Show! We got stuck into the first hour of the career campaign and we also unboxed our Codemasters-exclusive DiRT 4 loot crate (more on that later) – catch up with it here:

Thanks for everyone who has tuned into one of our DiRT Shows throughout the year – they’ve been a joy to make, and we hope you’ve found them both entertaining and educational. If you want to see them return post-launch, then make sure you make yourselves heard in the comments. ;)

DiRT 4 – the reviews are in

This Tuesday the floodgates opened for reviews of DiRT 4 – and now the results are in, we’ve got to say… we’re pretty pleased. ;)

Here’s just a quick list of highlights:

DiRT 4 Career Videos

If the reviews haven’t sold you on DiRT 4 yet, then we’re not stopping there! Some of our favourite Youtubers have started getting stuck into their DiRTy careers – have a look at our brand new YouTube playlist, where we’ve compiled some of our favourite videos on DiRT 4 so far:

If there’s anything you think belongs on this playlist – whether it’s your video or someone else’s – send it over to us using the usual channels!

DiRT 4 mobile wallpaper

We have another goody for you, courtesy of the awesome @PixelPusher87! If you’d like your phone to match your gaming habits, then head over to http://imgur.com/a/PnTWE to download your wonderfully orange piece of digital DiRT. ;)


As you might’ve seen, we’ve patched the game with a bit of polish ready for today’s launch. We won’t go into the specifics, but the patch includes…

– Improved non-English co-driver logic
– Your Stage improvements
– Graphical optimisations
– Stability fixes
– Minor bug fixes

If you see anything that looks to have slipped through the cracks, or see something that’s not quite right, please let us know on the following threads on Steam or our forums:



Anything you notice about the game, however big or small, we want to know about. Please provide as much detail about the issues you’re experiencing and give as much detail as possible – we’re listening, and we’re ready to help.

The DiRT 4 loot box

As you may have seen on various bits of the internet (including our live DiRT Show!) we’ve had some pretty special DiRT 4 merchandise made up for the momentous occasion of our global launch. Well, today, we’re delighted to say it’s now up and available for purchase exclusively on our Codemasters Store. Here it is in all of its orange and black glory:


You can pick up the Loot Box Edition of the game which includes a Special Edition DiRT 4 on a platform of your choice – or, you can just go straight in for the goodies with a disc-free version! The choice is yours. ;)

The Founders Invitational Event

If you picked up the digital or Day One Edition of DiRT 4, you’ll be invited to our special Founders Event this weekend! It’s now live in-game, and you can access it through going into the home menu screen and going from ‘Competitive’ –> ‘Community’. Make sure you compete to pick your special Hyundai R5 livery too – it’s a pretty one. ;)

Introducing: the DiRT Playseat

Playseat are welcoming DiRT back into their Playseat line-up! We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the guys over at Playseat with their brand new official licensed racing chair. Keep an eye on their website for details, but for now – here’s a pretty picture of it:


Thanks again for joining us for this Road Book – and all of the Road Books that have come before. We’ll see you back here soon… but before that, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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