DIRT 5 Rear View – June 2020



June 30, 2020

Missed any of the big DIRT 5 news from June? Our latest Rear View rounds up a jam-packed month of huge news, fresh content and first ever gameplay. Buckle up…



We kicked off our Career-focused June by unveiling the DIRT Podcast by Donut Media – DIRT 5’s in-game audio show hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes! In Career, the podcast drives the story forward and sets the scene for all the narrative’s big moments. Make sure to tune in, race fans…


The official Dishing the DIRT website also went live at the start of June – our hub for all DIRT fans keen to see how the future looks for our iconic franchise. Watch 10+ minutes of development team insight, news on our two dedicated studios, and interactive elements showing the journey of DIRT.



130 events. Troy Baker plays your mentor; Nolan North plays the antagonist. 20 real-world sponsors to race for. Choice-driven progression. Special events and big objectives. Four-player split-screen integrated. That just scratches the surface of DIRT 5’s Career mode – the most ambitious ever of the series. TL;DR – it’s kind of a big deal. Get all the details here.



DIRT 5 is Codemasters’ first foray onto next-gen consoles – so to give more insight into how we’re making full use of the new technology, Technical Director David Springate sat down with the Xbox team to talk 120fps, CPU, GPU, SSD and plenty more…



A Racing Story, Amplified. In this special video, get the thoughts of Troy Baker, Nolan North, dialogue producer Olly Johnson, and the Donut Media boys on how DIRT 5’s unique and ambitious Career mode story came together in our recording session out in Los Angeles. We’re over the moon to not just be working with such a stellar group of talent, but to also be bringing you a creative and daring approach to storytelling, rarely seen in the genre. Get a taste of what we’re cooking up with the video below:


Despite being well over three months from launch, we couldn’t wait to get some DIRT 5 gameplay out in the wild. In June, a host of media and content creators posted their first thoughts on DIRT 5 following a work-in-progress demo session – and the feedback was glowing! Check out the best of the footage here. Whilst all gameplay at this very early stage is purely a starting point for what we have to come, we’ve been blown away by the positive feedback so far, and can’t wait to fine-tune this baby all the way to October.



Can’t stop, won’t stop! After a packed June, we’re racing into July, where our focus turns to revealing more features and content for DIRT 5. Expect news on car classes, event types, locations and much more – and that begins this week!

It all builds to DIRT 5’s launch, beginning on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed shortly by our next-gen launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Head to dirtgame.com/dirt5/preorder for all the latest pre-order links and news. Tell’ em I sent you.*


*Don’t do that – they wouldn’t get it.

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