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June 27, 2014

This week’s community spotlight shines on the familiar Pinnacle League, a group of players you may have seen compete in our very first Codies League Championship. We had a chat with league admin Adam about Pinnacle and its latest season.


How many platforms does your league support?

Currently on Xbox 360 and PC!

If people wanted to join your league how would they go about it?

To join the league it’s best to tweet me @PinnacleLeague as I always look on there and check my messages every day.

Tell us a bit more about how your league was started.

Pinnacle League was started back in July 2013 when me and a group of friends heard the news that the current league we raced in every week was being cancelled.

The league was called Twitter GP (TGP) and we all needed another league to do but as most of us were already in many others on different days and times there weren’t a lot around that we could join so I decided to start my own.

I asked on Twitter for name suggestions and got a lot but the most original and stand-out name of all was submitted by my mate Danny (@D_TAY94). He suggested Pinnacle and the rest is history.

How is your current season/championship going?

So far this season we have had 7 different winners and 11 different people on the podium and we are only on Round 10. It has been a great season so far with a lot of people having the chance to fight for wins and podiums.

The championship looks to be out of reach for some but as there are two races a week it means you can either gain or lose a lot of points in just one day. That’s what makes the championship so open because you never know what’s going to happen!

How would you describe your league to someone that hasn’t heard of it before?

Pinnacle League is a great league with a lot of fast drivers who have won championships in many other leagues. The racing is always very close and recently the field is so closely packed that there have been trains forming on the track.

I can honestly say haven’t been in a more competitive field for a long time. So far in just our first two seasons on F12012 and F12013 both championships have gone down to the wire!

Out of all the league races you’ve witnessed which one has been your favourite?

The best Pinnacle League race I have been in has to be Season 1 Singapore. It had everything. It started dry then went to inters during a safety car, some pitted for inters and others pitted for slicks however it then rained even harder and went to Wets.

Two people went on Wet tyres really early, one of them crashed out and the other managed to keep it on track. They passed almost everyone in the pits bar one person who stayed out on Inters won the race by five and a half seconds. 

It was a brilliant race because the winner who hadn’t ever won a league race before won for the first time in such an amazing way. It was one of those crazy races where there were a lot of variations in strategy. Anyone could have won the race!

And finally, if you had to describe your league in three words, what would they be?

Epic close racing!

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