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June 11, 2019

Clubs are here!

The much-requested feature has finally made its way to DiRT Rally 2.0 and now you can create your own communities and in-game Championships.

In this article I’ll take you through the setup process step-by-step, so you and your friends can get off-road as quickly as possible.

Creating a Club

First up, head to https://dirtrally2.com/clubs.

You may need to sign in with your RaceNet account and connect at least 1 platform account to it; if you’re a regular on the forums it’s the same login.



You’ll then be greeted with the main clubs screen. This is where you create and join clubs, and check up on the ones you’re already in.



Hit [Create Club] and you’ll be asked to add a name and description. You can also choose whether a club is Open (anybody can join), Moderated (people can request to join) or Closed (invite only). You can also choose whether your club is restricted to the platform your RaceNet account is connected to (for me it would be Xbox) or have it be Cross-Platform.




Managing Club Members

Clubs have 3 tiers of members, Owners, Administrators and Players.

  • Owners… own the club and have full control over it and its members.
  • Administrators can also create Championships and have the ability to manage Players.
  • Players are the base level with no extra tools, but can still take part in Championship in-game.

Owners and Administrators can examine any Player in the Members panel and either promote or kick them.

Here you can see that DiRT has promoted me to Administrator, happy days!




Creating Championships

The main reason to join clubs is to take part in Championships. These are managed through the website but appear in-game for you and your friends to drive. Only Rally Championships can be created with clubs, Rallycross Events are not an option. Also, a Club can only have one active Championship running at a time.

When you want to create a Championship you’ll be given the option to generate one. Pick the number of Events (locations) and Stages for each and the website will do the rest.



Once your Events are generated you can customise them how you see fit. You can even run different car Classes in different Events.



Once you’ve got everything set up, hit [Create Championship] and you’re almost ready to go. Pick the start time and Advanced Settings and you’re away!



Viewing Championships

Championships will show up on your club’s page, where you can check the current progress and overall Leaderboards. Within the Leaderboards you can also see what platform your players are on, what assists they’re using as well as their peripheral choice. I’m a no-assist controller player myself and it’s fun to see how far up the Leaderboard I can climb when racing against steering wheel users.





Looking for Clubs

Heading back to the main menu now, there are multiple ways to check up on the clubs you’re in or want to join.

  • My Clubs shows the clubs you’re currently a member of.
  • Recommended Clubs highlights a few others have created that may be of interest to you.
  • Find Clubs lets you search for a club.




Every club has its own URL, and if you have that URL you can join that club right away. Speaking of…


Join the official DiRT clubs!

We’ve already created 2 clubs of our own for you all to join, come race against us and beat our times!

One club will have standard events with assists available and the other will be full-on hardcore for the toughest challenge out there.





Happy rallying everyone, we can’t wait to see what you all do with this new feature for the DiRT community!

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