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July 8, 2014

This week sees our third Codies League Championship swing into action with seven of the top PC leagues on F1 2013 battling it out in Melbourne! The first GP starts at 8PM UK time on July 10th and will be streamed live on Twitch. The remainder of the calendar can be found below.


We had a quick chat with the leagues participating to see how their thoughts were before the first race this Thursday.


“The moment the news broke of the Codies League Championship for PC, I immediately signed up AUF1R. The opportunity of showcasing our team’s talent to the wider F1 community is one we could not miss, and the challenge of going head to head with some of the fastest F1 2013 drivers in the world is one we are likely to never to forget.”


“The Nebula Racing League is very proud to be taking part in the Codemasters League Championship alongside the likes of the prestigious Apex Online Racing league. We expect the competition to be tough from the other participants and therefore, we will pick two of our fastest and cleanest drivers for races. We hope to rise to the challenge that the other leagues pose and look forward to clean and fast racing on track. Hopefully our members will do us proud!”


“We at Slipstreamers are thrilled to have been chosen to take part and compete in the Codies League Championship! Since we first heard of the concept there was a lot of excitement in the Slipstreamers chat and Team Speak server. We at Slipstreamers have been enjoying online competitive racing with Codemasters titles since 2010, with fun and fair racing being on top of our priorities list. We intend to give this League our all and hope we can take the podium even though we know that it’s going to be tough with the guys we are fighting against. We plan on picking two different drivers for each race. We’ll be doing this so our members can have a go at racing in the CLC! Slipstreamers are ready for the challenge, so bring it on!”

F1 Gentlemen’s Club

“We are overwhelmed by the selection of two of our finest drivers in the PC Codies League Championship. We as a team hope to bring stiff competition to the league, with a high level of precision, to create a fast paced and action packed championship. Both our drivers know that it won’t be easy, but we are very confident in their abilities. It will be a pleasure for both me, and our drivers, to be racing alongside some of the best racers this platform has to offer, we just hope the other drivers can keep up.”


“We’re very happy to have the chance to be racing in the prestigious Codies League Championship! We’re highly motivated, will be doing our best to be as competitive as possible andwe’ll be giving most of our drivers the opportunity to represent in front of the F1 community. Our own community is every bit as excited as the drivers and we hope of your support who will follow the CLS and that we live up to the expectations as the first German league in the competition.See you in Melbourne!”


“I am very thankful of Codemasters for this opportunity, it is going to be great to see the best F1 2013 PC players go head to head in this championship.”

Apex Online Racing

“We were really happy to see that we’d been accepted into the league and we are really looking forward to racing against some of best drivers in the game. It will be myself (Alex Gillon) and Ownage driving and we are both very excited to get the old rivalling teammates back together for one final season. After the Xbox guys managed to get the title, we are hoping we can maintain our champion status as a league!”

Make sure to tune into our Twitch channel on 10th July, 2014 at 8:00pm UK time (BST) for the first race in Australia!

And don’t forget, we’re also running the PS3 Codies League Championship. The season is already well under way with the third Grand Prix commencing tomorrow at 8pm where will be heading to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps! Here’s how the leagues compare going into GP 3.


Let us know on Twitter who you’re cheering on!

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