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July 23, 2020

Hey everyone,

As always, we hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and safe. We once again want to thank our entire community for your continued support, feedback and excitement, which keeps driving us forward. Pun absolutely intended!

This year of gaming is truly starting to take shape, with those glitzy press conferences, big reveals and the usual late-year launches starting to line up. It’s already been another exciting year in the world of Codemasters – and it’s only going to get bigger.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take stock after another packed fortnight of news for Codies titles. Full game launches, big trailer drops, and bucket-loads of new game details are on the agenda this time round, kicking off with our latest critically-acclaimed release…

F1® 2020


Last time around, we were preparing for the release of F1® 2020, and an awful lot has happened in between then and now! If you’ve missed any of it, don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed in no time.


Firstly, (and perhaps most importantly), we released F1® 2020 to the world! We’ve loved seeing your reaction and reading about the wonderful teams you’ve been winning world championships with. F1® 2020 also topped the charts in several countries, and is the highest-scoring Xbox game of 2020, according to Metacritic!


We’ve been blown away by not just your response, but the critics’ responses, too. Want to see what they said? Take a look at our accolades trailer:


We’ve also been busy listening to your feedback – both on what you’re loving and what’s not quite working for you. With that in mind, patch 1.05 went live across all platforms earlier this week. We always want to hear how you’re finding things, so feel free to pop in to our Forums and give us your thoughts.

You’ve also been asking us when the brand new black Mercedes AMG Petronas livery will be coming to F1® 2020 – we can tell you that it’s on its way, and you’ll be able to get your driving gloves on it soon!


New to F1® games? Picked up F1® 2020 and want some tips to reach the front of the grid? Maybe you’re not quite sure what the best racing style is for you, or how to take the racing line (wahey!). Whether you want to know how to get to grips with a track layout, race in the rain or much more, we’re here to help. Our ever-expanding F1® 2020 tutorials and guides playlist will help you get the very best out of your racing experience. You can find the playlist below, and let us know what else you’d like to see us cover!


We have an update for our Xbox players who don’t have their Pitcoin yet. Thank you for all of your responses about this – the information has allowed us to identify how and why this issue has occurred. We have been working to identify all affected users and resolve this issue. This has only affected a group of Xbox digital pre-order customers

Working alongside Microsoft, we believe we now have a solution in place. We will provide more information when we have a specific date. Please be assured that we are treating this issue as a top priority and we hope to resolve it as soon as we can. We sincerely apologise and many thanks for the patience you have shown. Find out more in our update in our Forums here.

See you next time!

– Jenny



Alright, let’s kick things up another gear…

It’s always exciting for us here when we get to show you all some more of what we’re cooking up for DIRT 5, so this past week was *pretty* fun, with the reveal of DIRT 5’s official features trailer. New cars, new locations, new details, dozens of GIF-worthy shots. Get it watched:

So much more content dropped alongside the trailer, including the official box art for DIRT 5, featuring a stunning Aston Martin Vantage GT4 with a custom livery. The Amplified Edition art is equally eye-catching – see for yourself:

Wanna grab yours? Pre-orders for stores and retailers across all platforms are live at, with Amplified Edition pre-orders including a 10% discount for players of previous DIRT titles. The icing on the cake? We’ve confirmed a FREE upgrade system for both next-gen platforms; that means if you buy DIRT 5 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you’ll get the optimised versions on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, free of charge. Not bad, right?

A fresh Codies Blog post confirmed all details on DIRT 5’s 10 brand new locations, and all event types available in single-player modes. What about multiplayer? September is our focus for online action, when we’ll tell all on some exciting ways to race against the world. Alongside our blog, we took over Red Bull Gaming and for some special features on the new content, including a breakdown of the stunning new environments with Art Director Amrish Wadekar.

You still want more?! Well, luckily for you, we happened to drop some new gameplay today. Feast your eyes on a first look at DIRT 5’s Path Finder events with the monstrous rock bouncer, in this work-in-progress footage:

Busy fortnight? Yeah. Any plans to slow down? Not a chance. More DIRT 5 news and features coming your way in the next couple of weeks.

– Chris



Hello everyone, here’s your Rally update with the latest goings-on:

World RX Esports Series – Showdown in South Africa

After two Invitationals and three competitive events, the World RX Esports Series held its final event on July 13th, using DiRT Rally 2.0’s virtual Killarney International Raceway. This was the scene of an epic showdown in real-life last year between Timmy Hansen and Andreas Bakkerud, and Timmy was in the championship fight once again in the virtual version.

Joining him on the grid were his brother Kevin, the rapid Tom Blomqvist, returning Shane van Gisbergen and many more real-world drivers and guests. FailRace was here too, trying his best not to do a signature barrel roll over the kerbs.

I won’t spoil the results here, but will say that it was a tense and intriguing end to what has been a very enjoyable esports series. Highlights are here, the full broadcast is here and if you just want to know who wins, we’ve got you covered here.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Version 1.15

Bet you thought we were done updating the game, didn’t you? ?

We’re planning a small update in mid to late August, with a few minor fixes. There may be a few surprises in there too, who knows (well, I do, but you’ll have to wait to find out!).

That’s all for now, I’ll see you all again soon. Good luck out there on the road.




Hello fellow racers! Things are heating up here at Slightly Mad Studios as we continue to work on content to show you all what the Project CARS 3 has to offer. This is my favourite part, because I get to reveal all that juicy info you’ve been asking for… but before we get there, take a moment to enjoy the first in a series of hot lap videos showing some of the new content that’s coming to Project CARS 3. Fans of the IndyCar series will not want to miss out on this one as it features the all-new, twin-turbo V6, 700bhp Dallara 2019-spec single-seater crushing the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Earlier this week, we also continued our series of Developer Blogs, this time focusing on Project CARS 3’s vehicle upgrades system. The physics and handling teams walk you through the breadth and customisation of vehicle upgrades, allowing you to design your dream machine.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next videos as we start shining a spotlight on some of the new cars and content coming August 28. Find them all on our official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as our website.

– Fernando



Deep breaths, everyone. Come on now – we can get through this together. Yes, we’re approaching the first weekend without F1 action since the revised season got underway. It’s tough to accept, but we have to!

Never fear, though, as F1® Mobile Racing ensures you can be part of the action, any time, any place. Download for free on iOS and Android to join the millions of online racers battling in live PvP events, multi-round championships and creating their dream F1 car through detailed visual and mechanical customisation.

Live right now in F1® Mobile Racing is our own 2020 Season GP Event, which mimics the majority of revised real-season calendar for a challenging championship, with big rewards on the line. Compete in that, or race into 1v1 Duel events, taking on all comers to rise up the leagues and establish yourself as the fastest driver in the world. Plenty to keep you occupied until the real action returns!

– Chris



  • It’s been a busy ‘ol fortnight for Racing Ahead creators after getting their hands on F1® 2020 two weeks ago. Since launch, they’ve made a whopping 650 videos and counting on F1® 2020 – that’s almost 50 videos a day! You can see a selection of those videos in a Playlist we put together over on YouTube.

You may have seen some of your favourite streamers playing F1® 2020 over on Twitch recently too – F1® 2020 was even the #1 trending game on Twitch last week. New and returning players have been streaming My Team and inviting the chat to join in the fun with open lobbies as well, with the likes of Castro_1021 and Zerkaa getting in on the action.

Also, Bateson87, Nepenthez, Pieface23, ChesnoidGaming, and BlackPanthaa have each been practicing ahead of a massive head-to-head, winner takes all, live race at 3pm BST, July 25th. Make sure you tune in to each of their streams to get their unique view on the race. Who’s your pick to take home the W?

  • The entire Codemasters team is always keen to pass on advice and expertise to anyone looking to break into the gaming industry. Earlier this week, members of our Cheshire studio, currently working on DIRT 5, were guests in the Games Jobs Live show, specifically focusing on opportunities in the North West of the UK. Development Director Robert Karp and others were on hand to give insight on the process of creating our games – check out the show here.
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