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July 4, 2014

Today we found a SNES… You can guess how much “research” is being done in the office this afternoon. NBA Jam, FIFA, Micro Machines – all under scrutiny… We haven’t managed to find our copy of Mario Kart Yet though…

This Week’s Big News

This week it’s the GRID Autosport European release. Yes we know that is was technically last week but you guys had only just got your hands on it and now the tyre smoke has settled we’re over the moon with the feedback we’ve received so far. Here’s a collection of our favourite tweets:


Another week sees another fresh batch of RaceNet Challenges and you have until July 8th to set your best times.


We’re also really keen to see which car you bought first. @exaenae opted for an Open Wheeler and we’d love to see what you got. Tweet us a pic to @gridgame

Formula 1

It’s the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend and our man on the ground Luke will be acting as your remote camera for the weekend, So, if you’re after live updates direct from the track and have a specific question about the GP, tweet @Formula1game and let them know what you’d like to see. Check the end of this post for a little contest update!

Round 2 of the Codies League Championship took place this weekend and huge congratulations to Formula PlayStation on the win. The season is anybody’s to win and we can’t wait to see how things go down in Spa next week.


DiRT fan Avenga76 made internet fame this week with his totally kick ass gaming rig, (seriously… it puts ours to shame). He made us even more jealous when he sent us some pictures of his kick ass car too:

car 1

Read all about them both in this week’s Community Spotlight

Team DiRT has been discussing a video that cropped up online this week. Can we, (and should we), try to recreate this? We know you guys can be pretty vocal about your cockpit views so we’d love to hear what you think. Fire us a tweet @dirtgame

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s SOTW comes from #ballin on Steam who decided to park up and watch the fireworks. – Happy 4th of July everyone!


Video of the Week

There is something about slow motion videos of cars that works so perfectly and Tom Smith put together this awesome video featuring just that.

Tweet of the Week

That’s your lot for this week’s update, we wish all of our fans across the pond a very happy 4th July and we hope you enjoy the race at Silverstone this weekend. The first person to tweet @Codemasters a picture of Luke at the GP wins a Codies Goody bag!

See you next week!

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