Codies Weekly Update 11-07-14



July 11, 2014

What’s the best thing about Friday..? Ok, second best..? Yup, it’s the Codies Weekly Update!

This Week’s Big News

The Codemasters Choose Your Own Adventure! It’s a tale of spooky corridors, Rocky Road, DiRTi walls and hidden secrets. Swing by the the replay blog post to see how the story unfolds.


Another week and another fresh batch of RaceNet challenges for you. Think you’ve got what it takes to platinum them all? Be sure to fire @gridgame a tweet and let us know if you do.


Last week we launched our first GRID Autosport Livery Challenge and to celebrate the 4th of July we asked you to put together your best Red, White and Blue paint job.


You’ll find details of next week’s World Cup Challenge and our top pics from last week right here.

You’re totally right @knight01rider, believe it or not it was at the very heart of its design.


This week on Team DiRT we’ve had the work experience kids in making us tea, fetching us tartan paint, glass hammers, left handed screwdrivers… it’s been great! No seriously, it has been great having some really talented and enthusiastic young people around the office even if they do make us feel old.

We hope Lucas and Ben have both enjoyed their exclusive look behind the doors of Codemasters, we wish you all the best with your studies and we hope we haven’t completely put you off going into game development.

DiRT2_target RV ext 02a

In other DiRT news we found a load of concept art buried in a folder so expect to be seeing some more of that in the near future.

Formula 1

This week saw round three of the Codies League Championship on the PlayStation 3 and round one of the PC Championship. Thanks to all the teams and drivers who took part and to everybody for watching.


As you know at the weekend we headed to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone (it seemed rude not to as it was just down the road). Thankfully the weather held out on race day!


Tweet of the Week

Pop back soon Jason and make sure you are following Formula 1 Game on Twitter and Facebook.

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s is from Aussiedroid and is titled “Coming in Hot!”


Video of The Week

Jimmy Swiizzle lays down some pro tips for GRID Autosport’s Touring Car Discipline:

There you have it, another jam packed week at Codemasters. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, race clean and we’ll be back next week.

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