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July 18, 2014

It’s Friday, the sun is beaming down on Codies headquarters and the ice cream man is on the way. So it’s going to be a quick one this week because we literally have hours before the thunderstorms start and we want to get outside and enjoy it.

This Week’s Big News

Were you not reading before..? The ice cream man is here!


Another fresh week of RaceNet Challenges await, can you platinum them all?


Last week we challenged you to create your best World Cup themed paint job in the GRID Autosport Livery Challenge. This week’s challenge is stripes, swing by the blog post to find out more.


Autosport_Screen_Blog_09GRID Autosport // Multiplayer Playlist Changes

One of the things we’re deeply committed to is ensuring the multiplayer experience is as good as possible. Part of this process revolves around the feedback you’ve provided and since launch we’ve been carefully sifting through everything you’ve had to say.

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community-spotlight_toraClub TORA

With GRID Autosport now in the hands of the tame and not so tame race drivers across the world we thought we’d start to look at the Clubs of GRID Autosport. Who they are, when and where they race and more importantly, how you can get involved.

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Formula 1

Two Codies League Championship events this week and taking a quick look at the standings we’ve a real battle for the top slots going on.

league_02 league_04

We’ll have another two races next week so be sure to subscribe to our Twitch TV channel to make sure you never miss a race.


This week was DiRT’s Birthday, yup, 16 years ago this week we released our first off-road racing game, Colin McRae Rally. It’s been a long road and we’re really proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far, thanks to all our fans. We’ve shared some of our favourite comments here.

Screenshot of the Week

TORETTO161 gets this week’s honour, we can’t help but think that you’ll be needing that wheel though.


Tweet of the Week

Ravenwest are from Belgium – True story

Video of the Week

Jaimswallace has put together a “crashes and fails” compilation. We do love a bit of slo-mo action.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, be that barbequing, watching the F1 or playing the Destiny beta have a good one. We’ll be back same time next week.

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