Codies Weekly Update 25-07-14



July 25, 2014

Weather update… It’s bloomin’ marvellous outside! So with that out of the way let’s get on with this week’s update.

This Week’s Big News

Alex “GoPro” Harvey in video team bought himself a drone and suddenly we find ourselves spending a lot of time out doors with his shiny new DJI Phantom 2 filming everything from race cars to picnics to Yoga… What..? Yes some of us do Yoga.



Platinum all of last week’s GRID Autosport RaceNet Challenges? Good thing we have a fresh set waiting for you, just head to the Online option in game and select RaceNet Challenge to take part.


The winners of last week’s livery challenge are in, find out if you were a winner and get all the details on next week’s challenge right here.


Britain, Britain, Britain… Home of McLaren, Aston Martin and Mercedes..? Well kinda, it’s home of the McLaren Mercedes SLR 722, which you are right to point out is a German car, we just gave it a bit more oomph.

Check it out in the GRID Autosport Best of British pack.


The big question on everybody’s lips in the DiRT studio this week is “What was 4a?” we’ll never know… and neither will you, we just enjoy tormenting you.


In other news we did however find a pile of old screenshots for Colin McRae Rally on a floppy disk, we tried to touch them up a little to suit the modern age HD displays but it’s still not quite right. We’ll keep working on the others and share them next week.

Formula 1

It was the final race of the PlayStation 3 Codies League Championship. Congratulations to this season’s winner Formula Thor Racing who just took the win  from Formula PlayStation and SSS.

Tweet of the Week

Wow we haven’t seen those for a while!

Screenshot of the Week

We all do it…


Video of the Week

Highlights from AOR’s recent Spanish Grand Prix. We think this might just be one of the most impressive videos featuring one of our games that we’ve ever seen.

That’s your lot for this week; we’re off to plan the Codies Staff Picnic before the sun totally disappears for the year. Enjoy the F1, enjoy the sun and try not to lock yourself in the dark playing video games all weekend.

Well, maybe just an hour or two.

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