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July 26, 2019

Think you’ve got what it takes to call yourself an esports player in F1® Mobile Racing? Time to prove it.

Duel has been F1® Mobile Racing’s headline real-time PvP mode since launch, pitting players against each other in high-stakes 1v1 races. Wins equal Cup Points, and the more Cup Points you have, the higher the League you’ll compete in.

Players have been loving Duel, and we’ve been seeing the feedback on how you want a new layer of competition in this mode. Esports Leagues offers exactly that, taking the mode to the next level!

We sat down with the F1® Mobile Racing development to go over the key elements of Esports Leagues, so you’re ready to go #NextLevel in Duel mode when Update 7 arrives…

What’s the reason for the addition of Esports Leagues?

We want to offer content for our most committed and engaged players: when reaching the top of League 1, there’s a chance to offer something different and even more challenging. With Esports Leagues and its reset system, the fastest drivers will have to fight every month to climb back to the top of the ladder.


Could you give us a quick summary of how Esports Leagues will work, and how it differs to the current Duel Leagues system?

Esports Leagues are the next step after standard Duel Leagues. Right before you hit the Esports League level, you’ll unlock new Legendary parts to boost your stats and specialise your R&D setup. Esports Leagues are based on Duels and work in the same way, but will offer a more competitive environment. For example, if you stop playing for a while you’ll lose Cup Point and eventually fall back to League 1, so it’s a test of endurance as well as skill!


What rewards are now on offer to the best players?

Top Esports League players will be rewarded with new Legendary part drops to level up their parts. The higher position you finish in every month, the better your rewards will be. Those rewards are currency and parts for now, though other rewards type may come in the future…


What benefit will this have for players in the highest Leagues right now?

Players will have to fight every month to earn the highest possible rewards and appear at the top of the leaderboard. Nothing lasts forever: if you want to be at the top, you have to work for it – and that makes victory even sweeter!


Got any tips for reaching the very top of the Esports Leagues each month?

The newly added Legendary booster parts will offer the possibility of specialising your R&D setup more. Need some extra handling for the sharp curves of Monaco track? Go for the handling booster part and give your car the performance you require to overtake your opponent and earn more Cup Points. Also, R&D has been slightly rebalanced, so regular parts offer more value. Consider investing your resource points in upgrades so you can set up your perfect deck and take the required advantage to continue climbing up the rankings.


What do you think players will enjoy the most out of the Esports Leagues system?

This is no time to rest on your laurels: if you want to remain the best, you’ll have to race for it. The monthly reset will offer opportunity for newcomers to take the top places, so watch out for them and keep improving to earn the best possible rewards!


Esports Leagues comes to F1® Mobile Racing in Update 7, which is set to arrive in the coming days, and includes plenty more new features. Prepare to go #NextLevel by following the game on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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