PC & PS3 Codies League Championship Round-Up – 22/07/14



July 22, 2014

The Codies League Championship was on top form last week with both the PS3 and PC seasons producing some great racing. This week the PC season heads to Spa for GP 3 while the PS3 season comes to an end with GP 5 in Brazil.

Once again the combination of the CLC and COTA produced a concoction of beautifully crafted overtakes and wheel-to-wheel action with FCR_Kieron bringing home SSS F1 league’s first CLC victory (that’s now four grands prix with four different league winners)!

As expected, the PS3 CLC is going to come down to tonight’s final race with SSS F1 Leagues, Formula PlayStation and Formula Thor all hungry for the title. That’s not to rule out Wheel2Wheel Racing and The Online Challenge, who both have an opportunity take the Championship too. Make sure to tune into Twitch at 8PM tonight for GP 5 in Brazil, Sao Paolo!


PS3 CLC GP 4 Standings – COTA

Last week also saw the return of the PC CLC with GP 2 at Catalunya. The race was incredible from start to finish. In fact, we don’t even want to spoil anything here on the blog. We suggest you check out the replay!

As you can see from the standings, Nebula and TheAfroLeague are looking strong, but we’d be crazy to rule out the rest so early on. As we’ve seen from other seasons, the opportunity to switch up the standings is always high!


PC CLC GP 2 Standings – Spain

This week’s CLC action kicks off tonight with the PS3 finale in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Tune into our Twitch channel at 8pm UK to watch live. Tomorrow we return to Spa with the PC CLC, you can also watch that live on Twitch at 8pm UK time.

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