PC & PS3 Codies League Championship Round-Up – 29/07/14



July 29, 2014

We’ll start this week’s round-up with a big congratulations to Formula Thor Racing who took home the PS3 CLC in Brazil, worthy winners, who looked strong throughout the season.  That sadly marks the end of the PS3 CLC, but don’t worry, we still have two PC races to look forward to!

Last week’s final PS3 grand prix saw a few leagues battling out for the title but it was FTR_Christos and FTR_Xinxillaman that secured a deserving victory for Formula Thor Racing. FormulaPlayStation’s Liamatthurso took the final spot on the podium ensuring FPS took home second overall, with SSS finishing third after Bartman2112 and Ryan-up-da-reds finished the race in 6th and 8th respectively.

We’d like to thank each and every driver that took part in the PS3 Codies League Championship and all of you who tuned into our Twitch channel to watch the races unfold live. The championship was a joy to watch throughout and we cannot wait to start talking season 2!


PS3 CLC GP 5 Standings – Brazil

But it’s not all over yet! The PC Codies League Championship is still steaming ahead with last week’s grand prix proving to be another action packed race. Nebula’s Kifla returned with another flawless victory that saw Nebula keep their top spot in the championship. But they aren’t safe just yet, Apex Online Racing look to be improving with Alex Gillon and xOwnage133 finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.  And let’s not forget about TheAfRoLeague! They’re currently sat on the same amount of points as AOR and are sure to be battling until the end.

For the full race replay head over to our Twitch channel.


PS3 CLC GP 5 Standings – Belgium

It’s only one race this week, however we’re confident the PC GP at COTA will more than compensate. You can watch the race live tomorrow (30/07/14) at 8:00pm UK time on our Twitch channel.

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