The DiRT Roadbook – July 12, 2019



July 12, 2019

Hello once again everyone, let’s round out the week with another DiRT Roadbook!

Welcome to Version 1.6



Version 1.6 of DiRT Rally 2.0 is here, once again featuring numerous fixes and tweaks based on your feedback.

The Lancia Delta S4 heads up this update, as it features new audio based on fresh recordings of the real-world rally car. You can check out the changes in a comparison video we’ve just uploaded today. Please note that this won’t be the final update for this car, as the authentic turbo noises are still being worked on by our wonderful audio team. That’ll come in a future update, truly bringing this Group B monster to life better than ever before.

That’s not the only thing that’s changed in version 1.6 however, and you can see the big list of changes below. Also, a quick shout-out to SkyRex for the Patch notes video above, a great summary.

Still seeing issues? Let us know on the forums.



Wales Rally: Releasing on July 16


The Welsh are coming! Welsh Stages that is as Wales Rally’s about to make its long-awaited appearance in DiRT Rally 2.0!  The iconic location from DiRT Rally is just as challenging as it’s always been, and the general improvements that DiRT Rally 2.0 brings (like Stage degradation and enhanced lighting) make it a must-drive experience. The entire team’s really excited to bring Wales Rally to you next week and the office time trials have been getting intense!

You may have seen a few screenshots in the Codies Racing Line but there’s a few more above! We’ve got more to share regarding Wales Rally in the future so keep an eye out next week!

Wales Rally is part of the Deluxe Content for DiRT Rally 2.0. If you haven’t upgraded yet do it below to get all of the content from Seasons 1 and 2.



Sony Europe Summer Sale


DiRT Rally titles are currently discounted in the Sony Europe Summer Sale. If you haven’t gone off-road yet or want to experience the best we’ve got to offer, check out the links below and we’ll see you out on the Stages.



Swecon World RX of Sweden


The FIA World Rallycross Championship headed to Holjes last weekend for its Swedish round. As always, the action was intense and the Final was full of drama. Check out the Final race up above (country restrictions may apply) and talk about the action on the forums.



Tuning Setups by GTR Technical


Are you looking for some help in taming the many cars of DiRT Rally 2.0? GTR Technical has you sorted, regularly uploading setups for cars across every location in the game. While driving skill is the most important factor in success a good tuning setup can certainly help, and you know these are good as he’s been setting World Records all over the place!

I know the GTR crew from their various adventures in simracing and can say for sure that they’re a solid team of drivers and tuners, so go check out the video above and subscribe to Technical for more.


That’s it for another week, see you all again soon!

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