The DiRT Roadbook – July 19, 2019



July 19, 2019

Hello once again everyone and welcome back to The DiRT Roadbook!

Wales Rally: Available now in DiRT Rally 2.0


There’s only one place to start this week and that’s in Wales, the latest location to be added to DiRT Rally 2.0. On Monday we hosted a special video where myself and Jon Armstrong took to the Stage and set some times. It was great to hang out with everyone in the YouTube live chat and I hope you all enjoyed the video. If this is the kind of thing you want to see more of from us make sure to leave your comments on the video and follow the DiRT channel, it really does make an impact.

Back to Wales however it’s a very challenging place to drive, very narrow with plenty of bumps along the way, particularly though the forested sections. Don’t go too far wide as logs, fences and all sorts of other things will ruin your run; this is one the experts will have great fun with in particular.



Wales Rally Stage Runs


Following on from our Welcome to Wales video above, Jon and I got together again this week to work on some full Stage Runs to share with you all.

If you’re reading this as it comes out (Friday afternoon) the first video will go live at 17.00 BST, and the second will be up tomorrow at 19.00 BST. Head on over to YouTube channel and subscribe so you catch these flat-out runs as they come out. You don’t want to miss these; Jon took them Stages on so fast he nearly set World Records by accident!

Maybe one day I’ll learn to drive that quickly, but that’s a long way away!



Jon Armstrong at Down Rally 2019


Jon’s not only a dab-hand at DiRT Rally 2.0, but he’s pretty nifty behind the wheel too! This weekend he’s in Ireland for the Down Rally, getting his first taste of World Rally Car machinery in this Prodrive MINI (one of the final MINI models Prodrive ever built, incase anyone’s curious). To mark the occasion his crew have decked out the car in DiRT Rally 2.0 colours so it’ll make a great impression flying through the Stages! Best of luck to Jon and the crew at McGeehan Motorsport, bring home some silverware!
 Track Day, a community of Metro 6R4 fans, held a track day recently with a whole host of classic rally cars on display for people to take rides in. Some of the Codemasters staff were there too to check things out, as well as regulars on the forums. One such regular who you’ll know as tbtstt brought the camera along and took some great snaps, a few of which you can see above! You’ll find a few more on his Flickr page along with some great shots from the Le Mans 24 Hours and the FIA World Rallycross Championship event at Silverstone, take a look:



That’s it for another week, see you all soon!


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