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July 3, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to The DiRT Roadbook! We’ve got a lot to catch up on so let’s fire away!


Porsche 911 SC RS & Lancia 037 Evo 2: Available Now


On Tuesday two new cars were added to DiRT Rally 2.0, both fine machines with storied histories. The Porsche 911 SC RS and Lancia 037 Evo 2 are rear-wheel-drive monsters that’ll challenge you in all sorts of ways, most notably how well you manage the throttle pedal, and like most cars in this game they’re a thrill when you get the hang of them.

It’s hard to choose a favourite between the two; the Porsche’s a beautiful car with some cracking liveries and the Lancia handles like a dream. For me though I’d go with the Lancia, that rear wing certainly makes an impression and I’ve enjoyed pushing the car in Time Trials. I reckon with the right tuning setup and enough practice it’s a car that can challenge the BMW M1 at the top of the Leaderboards. DGEESIO thinks so too given he’s already been setting World Records!



As with Latvia RX we had some minor issues with the content getting out to players but thanks to the hard efforts of the DiRT team and our partners on the various storefronts everybody was able to drive those cars by the end of the day. These issues frustrate us as much as they do you, and without going into too much detail it’s a very complicated process with several moving parts, but we’ll keep pushing to ensure future releases are as smooth as Spanish tarmac.



New Club Events


To celebrate the launch of the new Group B RWD cars this week we’ve got active Championships in the official DiRT Clubs right now. Take your Porsche and Lancia to various locations and see how they compare to the BMW M1 and Opel Manta, or get into said cars if you haven’t picked up the new content yet. Both Championships will run for 2 weeks (right up until Rally Wales releases), with 1 week per Location.



This weekend: Swecon World RX of Sweden


The FIA World Rallycross Championship heads to Holjes this weekend for the Swecon World RX of Sweden, and as the second half of the 2019 season kicks off here’s a look back at the top moments so far. Anyone who’s done Rallycross in DiRT Rally 2.0 will tell you that it’s a brutal fight and the real-life version is no different. This is a contact sport with some fantastic racing thrown in for good measure.




Update 1.6: Coming Next Week


Version 1.6 of DiRT Rally 2.0 is coming next week and as always we’ve got a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks that is built on community feedback. Also on the feedback list were more detailed patch notes so here’s a whole bunch!

One of the highlights is updated audio of the Lancia Delta S4, the turbocharged and supercharged Group B behemoth. This is the first time in Codemasters history that the Lancia Delta S4 has ever featured audio data from the real-life car, and everyone was jealous of the audio team’s opportunity to work on such a project! We’re looking to share more info and a behind-the-scenes look at how this all came together, as our team takes great pride in providing the most authentic rallying experience possible. Stay tuned for that as I’m sure it’ll be a great story.

In the meantime here are the notes, see you all next week!


My Team:

  • Resolved issue whereby players were seeing blank entries above their current Leaderboard standing.
  • Removed potential exploit that allowed for unlimited restarts in My Team Events.
  • Widened AI performance capabilities across several difficulty levels, making the jump in challenge feel less dramatic.



  • Updated engine audio for Lancia Delta S4, based on new real-world audio data.
  • Adjusted headlight glass texture on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI.
  • Added night time dashboard illumination to the Porsche 911 SC RS.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and adjustments to damage models of multiple cars.



  • Adjusted AI performance on Night Rally Stages.
  • Adjusted AI performance during Wet Rallycross Events.
  • Adjusted AI performance to better simulate tyre wear during Events with long distances between Service Areas.



  • Fixed issue regarding tyre marks not appearing on certain surfaces.
  • Adjusted rain effects for better visibility when using interior camera views.
  • Reduced excessive dirt kick-up at Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX).



  • Resolved issue where rain audio would cut out on longer Stages.
  • Resolved issue where ambient sounds would cut out in Service Areas.
  • Fixed multiple issues with co-driver calls on Germany Rally Stages.



  • Added support for “Manual H-Pattern or Manual Sequential” to transmission options.
  • Added support for “Manual H-Pattern with Clutch or Manual Sequential” to transmission options.
  • Improved animations of certain Engine Mapping Upgrade unlock notificiations.
  • Added subtitles to Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX) introductory video.
  • Minor fixes to Brazilian Portuguese translations during loading screens.



  • Improvements to Location loading times (Steam version only).
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Germany Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Argentina Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Poland Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Hell, Lånkebanen (Norway RX).
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX).
  • General stability improvements and minor bug-fixes throughout the game.
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