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August 26, 2021

It’s not a bad time to be fan of motor racing and video games, right? For us racing fanatics, Le Mans is alive with the sound of race cars, and motorsport championships across the world are in full swing, including the return of F1® this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. For all gamers, it’s the beautiful season of big events, major reveals, ‘World Premieres’ and ‘one more thing…’. Bliss.

As you can imagine, then, the Codemasters team is pretty hyped around this time of the year – particularly as we’re working on plenty of stuff to throw into that cauldron of excitement. Our latest Racing Line, your fortnightly delivery of latest Codies news and content, includes big reveals and updates across the F1® and DiRT franchises. Let’s get stuck in…

F1® 2021

Hello, and welcome to the latest F1® 2021 update for the Racing Line. The summer break is nearly over, F1® is almost back, and the Belgian Grand Prix is just around the corner! Ok, all of those are mostly the same thing, but you get my drift. We can’t wait!

Standing on the top step of the podium
If the thought of F1® being back isn’t exciting enough, this week we also revealed F1® 2021’s accolades trailer to the world. As a triple-header of races begins, be part of the thrilling action with the critically-acclaimed F1® 2021 Discover what the critics are saying by checking out the trailer. You can also read some of our favourite reviews over at

We’ve loved listening, watching and reading all of your reactions to F1® 2021, so make sure you keep them coming. In fact, that leads us on nicely to the next topic…

Patch 1.07
We released patch 1.07 on all platforms at the start of this week, addressing more community-reported topics. if you haven’t seen the notes for this release, you can read them all here.

We’re listening to all the feedback you’re giving us and investigating the issues you’re sending over. If you have a burning question, want to share setups, or report something that’s not quite right, come and join us in our Forums – we’d love to hear from you.

That’s not all, though. We have some very exciting things around the corner, which we’ll be talking to you about very soon. Make sure you keep an eye on our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to see all the news the moment it arrives!

See you next time,

– Jenny


Hello everyone, PJ back again with another rally update.

Codemasters DiRT Rally Team – Eau Rouge? Eau Yes!

While the F1 circus is heading to Spa this weekend, we warmed it up for them by competing in the fourth round of the FIA Junior WRC: the Ypres Rally in Belgium.

Ypres is one of the legendary rally events in Europe, but this is the first time it has played host to a round of the FIA World Rally Championship. Being an all-tarmac affair, Jon Armstrong and Phil hall were well-prepped, being specialists on that surface.

Doing well is a complete understatement, though, as they completely smashed it with a dominant display! Four stage wins at the start resulted in a gap of over 30 seconds to the rest of the field, and a measured performance over the remaining days saw that lead extend to over a minute.

While Friday and Saturday took place in the countryside, Sunday was the day where we took to the track, with the final Stages heading around the famous racetrack at Spa. It was pretty cool seeing rally cars take on the same corners we’ve all been driving in games for years, and with a clean run to the finish, we took home our second win of the season!

Here are some words from Jon (via Rally Insight):

“We didn’t know what to expect coming into this weekend; It is a new rally for the majority of the Juniors so we didn’t know who was going to be fast. I certainly didn’t know if I would have the speed to win.

“On Friday I was able to build up a lead and by the end of Friday, it was a matter of trying to keep that over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Ypres is a very demanding event with very fast stages and a lot of pollution where we were running down the field.

“It is amazing to win. It is great for the championship and a big thanks to the sponsors for getting me here. Without them it is not possible. It has been tricky to get back into rallying and it is good to be performing and winning at this time.”

If you want to hear more from Jon and his story so far, our friends at DirtFish had a long interview here; certainly worth a read.

Coming up next is the big finale on the Spanish tarmac, in mid-October. I’m looking forward to that event for many reasons, having driven plenty of kilometres on the Spanish tarmac in DiRT Rally 2.0. It’ll be great to see our car scythe through those turns one last time this season as we fight for the title.

‘til next time, take care,

– PJ


With DIRT 5’s addition to EA Play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, we’ve seen another surge in new players, so welcome aboard to all EA Play subscribers! Try out all the game’s modes and features at your own pace – though we do want to recommend one area in particular… Party modes.

Head to the Online area and select ‘Party’ to take part in objective-based events with your buds and the world. Transporter, Vampire, and King are your event types, each capable of creating incredible – and sometimes hilarious – racing moments, like this. Skill behind the wheel and tactics are handy for success here, but above all, it’s about fun. Let us know which Party mode is your favourite.

Plenty of you have been asking about future plans for DIRT 5, and if more content is on the way. As we confirmed on our channels recently, we do have some more surprises up our sleeves! The next content drop for DIRT 5 adds more of what you’ve been asking for, including cars. One car in particular has been doing the rounds in the rumour mill – whilst we can’t confirm anything just yet, we strongly advise you to… hold on tight.

– Chris


Hello racers! You may’ve noticed that ‘Mobile Corner’ has been absent from the Racing Line blog for a while. The team has been devoting their time to finalising our biggest ever update to F1® Mobile Racing – and now we can reveal all…

F1® Mobile Racing: 2021 Season Update

The 2021 Season Update brings fresh new content to our official free-to-play handheld F1 game, including all the cars, teams, and drivers from the current F1 season, a huge visual overhaul, redesigned R&D, a new PI system, player profile customization, and more. That’s not all, either – another upcoming update will add a Career mode to the game for the very first time!

All the details on the 2021 Season Update, launching soon, is available here. This will affect multiple existing areas of the game; details on what will happen to your cars, in-game currency, league rankings, and more is covered in our FAQs article.

From the game’s launch in 2018 for iOS and Android, gathering over 35 million downloads to date, F1 Mobile Racing continues to go from strength. Look out for more news on the 2021 Season Update going live!

Beta Players: Thank You
The F1 Mobile Racing team would like to thank all of those in the community who have taken part in our beta program over the last few weeks. Thanks to you, the community, the team was able to address and test various aspects of the final product so that everyone can have the best possible experience.

This doesn’t mean we’re done listening and taking feedback. We encourage you to keep sending us those valuable comments, to help us further improve the game. Reach out to us with any issues you may have and other various feedback using the in-game help & support page, or on our social media pages. Our Facebook group is a particularly great place to ask questions and meet other players.

See you on the next round!

– Fernando


At Codemasters and EA, we believe that it’s imperative to meet the needs of diverse populations in gaming and beyond. Through EA’s patent pledge, we’re committing that every developer in the industry will be able to use EA’s accessibility-centered technology patents, royalty free. Anyone can freely use these patents and implement our accessibility-centered IP in their own games to make them more inclusive. This pledge covers some of our most innovative technologies designed to break down barriers for players living with disabilities or medical issues. This includes those with vision, hearing, speaking or cognitive issues. Head here for full details on the patent pledge.

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