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August 15, 2014

And so another week draws to an end and with it the hopes of a lasting summer at Codies HQ. The heavens have opened, the lunch time picnic club has been cancelled and we suspect we’ve seen the last of the company-wide e-mails announcing that the Ice Cream van is inbound. Bad times.

But to brighten the mood, we’re back with your Weekly Update, and seeing as Lee has naffed off somewhere this Friday(who approved that?), I, crusading Codies Community Manager Ben, will be your host today. Without further ado, on with the show!

F1 2014

The summer break in the F1 calendar is always a tough time; weekends are filled with more mundane jobs like mowing the lawn while you recreate the pit walk (note – in your head we hope) and pretending your shopping trolly is Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid as you get dragged around the supermarket (also note, don’t do the noises. Or do, but expect some funny looks).

We hate the wait for the next race, so to pass the time until Spa we decided to release our first F1 2014 Hot Lap so you can get a wee F1 fix and hear how the cars actually sound in-game.


The GRID team have been pouring their affection over Carbon Fibre this week. Yep. Careful now, you may need a moment.



It was a landmark moment in social media circles as we introduced the #Shelfie to the world. We ventured forth to the DiRT library where some of the team have been reading about science and magic. Get on the bandwagon, and tweet us yours – it’s all about the #Shelfie.

Mischief and mayhem was always part of their daily routine and now the Minions from Overlord have invaded our Throw Back Thursday. We’ve fond memories of Overlord, Gnarl and co. but let us know yours over on Twitter.

Screenshot of the week


Tweet of the week

Video of the week

We’d like one of these for Christmas if possible please, we’ve been good, honest.

That’s it, content complete. We’ll be back next week with more of the same, have a great weekend all, happy racing!

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