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August 5, 2016

Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks since we checked in with you last, so we hope you’ve been keeping well.  It’s a little quiet on the things to talk about front, as all the fun stuff happening in the studio is currently under lock and key – but rest assured that we are busy at work (albeit rather quietly… for now).

However, there’s still some fun stuff going on in the world of DiRT and motorsport – so without further ado, let’s get started on your bi-weekly round-up!

WRC Finland

If you’ve been following the WRC , then you’ll have seen many a vehicle fly through the air on Finland’s famous jumps and bumps over the past week or so. And sure, while we don’t have the license for the game, we’re certainly allowed to admire how incredible Kris Meeke’s run through Ouninpohja was. We’re a big fan of Meeke in the office, and to see him attack with such assurance and speed was quite something. If you’ve not seen any action from the event, just take a look at this:

If you fancy finding out how he found Finland, check out his website – as he’s written a pretty cracking blog on the experience. Here’s a favourite excerpt of ours, but you can read the full thing here: http://www.krismeeke.com/news/2016-08-01-a-letter-from-kris

“The art of controlling a rally – something we’ve been able to do in Portugal and now Finland – is purely down to experience; I know that now. If I think back to Monte Carlo in 2014, my first podium, I was a bag of nerves throughout that event, running in third place. Then when I was leading in Argentina, I was nervous the whole time; sometimes I’d lose 20 seconds because I wanted to slow down and be careful, but didn’t know how much to slow down by.”

The moral of the story? Build your experience, and be brave. Advice that can definitely be taken straight to the stages of DiRT Rally. ;)

Your feedback

Thanks to everyone who replied to our various different posts on what features you’d like to see added to DiRT. Over 3,000 responses later, and you guys have provided us with some absolutely cracking insight. We’re still going through your responses now, so if you’ve not chipped in with any ideas yet, then speak now or forever hold your peace! You can still get your suggestions in by tweeting us or heading over to /r/dirtgame.

FIA World Rallycross Championship

We’re now half-way through the FIA World RX season, and it’s been a pretty spectacular first half at that. Taking a look at the top five in the official standings, it’s all to play for as the drivers head to Canada this weekend. The guys over at WRX have put together this helpful little infographic to show just how tight it is at the top:

If you reckon you know how things are going to go down this weekend, then don’t forget to get your Fantasy RX predictions in this weekend! They’re giving away some great prizes for those who absolutely nail the result – so if you’ve got the inside track, then head over to http://fantasy.fiaworldrallycross.com/.

Also at Codemasters…

While it is a truth universally acknowledged that crossing the streams is a little dangerous, we’re badasses – so we’re going to do it anyway. Things at Codies HQ are stepping up a notch when it comes to F1 2016, which releases two weeks today. While we’re utterly biased, the F1 team have pulled an absolute blinder with this one – and amongst the whole host of stuff they have announced so far (safety car, virtual safety car, formation lap, manual starts, a ten year career mode, 22- player multiplayer support… we could go on), they announced multiplayer championships just yesterday! Read more about it here, and catch up with the new trailer below: What’s rather interesting is that for the first time, we’ve seen a lot of you DiRT fans expressing an interest in picking it up too… Who’s been tempted by that they’ve seen so far?

Our newly knighted VIPs

In our last Road Book, we said we’d be knighting our Weekly winners… and now, our new knights are fully suited and booted with their VIP shields. Just in case you missed the results, we have the full list of who joins the VIP Hall of Fame for services to DiRT right here: Kit Car | Vargasen, Sweden Steam Fisu [FIN] A ma2ki Headquake137 Xbox One xGrumpyOldM4nx Kicked in YOOO KGH LimitLess PS4 SPK_93 jhtl85 StreetTroll24 Group A | International Steam Grumpy [JfP] batatas_fritas zeXav Xbox One xGrumpyOldM4nx Volk2z2 xDrive HD PS4 SPK_93 jhtl85 STD-RS_Devil_FRA Double congratulations to SPK_93 and xGrumpyOldM4nx who dominated their console platforms in consecutive weeks. You absolute legends. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of you to see how you do in the forthcoming Weeklies – we’ll be able to spot you a little easier now, thanks to your shields. ;)

Over to the studio

There’s no update from the studio this week as things are very busy in there, and the beavering away shows no sign of slowing down. However, I (@xtinamcgrath), DiRT Product Manager @AndyGray_ and Chief Game Designer @Kick_up will be going on a bit of a road trip at the end of the month (all DiRT-related, of course) – and Paul wants you all to know that for our hire car, we’ve gone ahead and booked the Wildcard option. We’re all very excited to see how that works out for us… We’ll keep you updated on we end up in. And maybe what we get up to while we’re on the road too.

Tweets of the Week

The Twitter game is strong in this community – we have the proof in this week’s Tweets of the Week! Just take a look at these 140-character corkers.

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s shot comes from jmfjcas on Steam, who’s given his screenshot a wee bit of Photoshop treatment. His screenshot looks a little like a poster for a horror movie – and considering he’s racing Sweden in the dark, that seems pretty apt.


Video of the Week

Now we normally pick a short video for you all to enjoy… but this is well worth the half an hour if you’ve got it spare. Jeff Vavignano and pals go nuts on WRX and spend a lot of the time either a/ swearing, or b/ making those exasperated funny noises that you do when you’re trying to get your vehicle round a particularly testing corner. We can’t embed the video for your viewing pleasure, but it’s 100% worth the click – enjoy!




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