Codies Racing Line: September 17, 2020



September 17, 2020

Hey everyone – thank you for joining us for another Codies Racing Line! Our fortnightly update of news and updates on current Codemasters games is back and raring to go.

As always, we hope everybody reading this is staying happy and healthy. We’re continuing to love seeing how you are using Codemasters titles to escape, unwind, challenge yourself or just have some flat-out fun. From the ongoing DiRT Rally 2.0 challenges, to F1® 2020 online play and Podium Pass progression and plenty more, keep sending us your content and telling your stories about how you’re a part of the Codemasters community.

In return, we’ll keep dropping the content and updates – so let’s wrap up everything we’ve revealed over the past two weeks, beginning with an off-road racer that’s gearing up for the next generation of gaming…


Right, let’s get the less-awesome news out of the way first. At the beginning of last week we announced that DIRT 5’ launch on PC and current-gen consoles has moved to November 6. It sucks, we know, and our excitement to get this game in your hands will have to carry for a little longer. But hey, that just means our road trip to launch has a couple more stops along the way – and we’ll of plenty of sights for you to take in (AKA new game details, new gameplay and more).

Now, the fun stuff – beginning with confirmation that DIRT 5 is leading the way for new next-gen racing experiences. Immediately after the reveal of the Xbox Series S and launch dates, we confirmed that DIRT 5 will be a launch title for Xbox’s next-gen consoles, coming November 10! As part of Xbox’s first look at the Series S, we’ve released the first ever footage of DIRT 5 running on the console. Check it out below and turn up those video settings to take it all in:

The versions will be optimised for the consoles, including greater graphical and performance options – and you’ll be entitled to them for FREE if you’re already playing DIRT 5 on Xbox One. The same applies for PlaySation 4 players if and when you switch up to PlayStation 5; with this week’s news on PS5’s release date and launch plans, we will of course bring you more information ASAP on when DIRT 5 will arrive on Sony’s new hardware.

Along with the next-gen news came our latest look at DIRT 5 gameplay, with some 1980s rally beasts competing in an incredible night-time scene on New York’s frozen East River. More new gameplay, you say?! Well, keep your eye on this week’s PAX Online and EGX Digital event, where Codemasters features heavily on their digital show floor and panels line-up. Check out our event space, where we’ll be dropping new gameplay and more details as the event rolls on.

Finally, I couldn’t wrap this up without dropping this superb Don Joewon Song video, where the Racing Ahead creator drives like a boss through his own Playgrounds arena from our recent exclusive demo. Enjoy!

– Chris


F1® 2020

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Racing Line! The news never stops coming in the world of F1® 2020 and this week is no different.

Podium Pass Series Two

Series Two has kicked off, and we’ve got 30 new levels of free and VIP items for you to unlock, as well as plenty more challenges for you to get your teeth into. We know you’re excited about it, so we’ll start by sharing the trailer:

We’ve got some great stuff for you to get your hands on, including special ‘We Race As One’ and ‘End Racism’ sets, which are included in the free tier. The latter is above, whilst the rainbow-emblazoned livery is below:

There’s plenty of gloves, helmets, suits, liveries and podium emotes for you to check out – get a sneaky peek at what’s coming up in our blog here.

Livery Update

We’ve also been busy updating the official liveries in F1® 2020! Six out of the 10 teams have had updates added, from the #WeRaceAsOne rainbow livery on the McLaren, to the ‘Thank you NHS’ logo added to the Renault, as well as the HP, Team Vitality logos.

Here’s a beautiful screenshot of the Renault at Monza:

You can read more about our livery update here.

We’d love to see your screenshots of our updated liveries – send in your favourites to us on our social channels!

Patch 1.09

Not only have we kicked off Podium Pass Series Two and updated the official team liveries; we’ve also released patch 1.09. Alongside the optimisations and fixes (which you can check out in the patch notes right here), we’ve added some new features! You can check out a couple here, and read more of a deep dive into this patch in our Forums.

• Option added so players can engage ERS by holding the button. You can now engage ERS button by holding the button, rather than toggling it on and off! Head into Preferences, then Controls, Vibration & Force Feedback, Generic Settings and you’ll able to change ‘Overtake ERS Mode’ between ‘Hold and ‘Toggle’.

• Customisation sliders now show values to allow easier editing. We’ve made it easier to match your suit to your gloves. With this patch, we’ve introduced numbers to each of the colour sliders, which means that you can match everything perfectly!


See you next time,

– Jenny



Hello everyone, PJ here with your usual rally round-up.

DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Round 1 Qualifiers Complete

We’re already at the end of the first month of competition in the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series, with the third set of Qualifiers having ended this week. The next stage is for ourselves and Motorsport Network (the event organisers) to review the potential qualifying times, ensure they all played fair, and then finalise (and contact) the list of entrants for the Round 1 Playoffs.

Those Playoffs will take place on September 26, and we’ll be broadcasting them live for you all to watch. More details on that in the next week or so.

Version 1.16 Update

We’re currently in the final stages of building and releasing the Version 1.16 update for DiRT Rally 2.0. I can’t share a release date or Patch Notes just yet as things aren’t finalised, but one thing we all know is coming is the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII.

All players will be able to use this brand new rally car in the Freeplay areas of the game (Custom, Time Trial, etc.), but to “own” the car in My Team you will need to take part in any DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifier. If you’ve done that already, great! If not, Round 2 starts at the end of September.

That’s it for now; I hope you all did well in Round 1, and will enjoy the Ford Fiesta when it releases. I’ll leave you now with this hilarious video of “that one corner in Spain we all struggle with“. Enjoy.

–  PJ



Image: Zyun Hitokoto on Twitter

Hello, fellow racers! Back again for another Racing Line blog to keep you up to speed with what we’ve been working on in Project CARS 3. It’s now been just under three weeks since release, and we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback from the community, so thanks for your continued support. Please keep the feedback coming, which is fed back directly to the team to help shape upcoming updates.

Upgrades Are Here

One of the new features of Project CARS 3 is your ability to upgrade your cars with real-life performance parts—everything from turbos to aerodynamics. Because the upgrades are directly linked to the physics engine, what you upgrade will have a very real effect on the handling and power of your cars. So, if you happen to tune your front wheel drive road car with an extra 300hp, you may find 200 of that horsepower is wasted on wheelspin! To find out how to balance your upgrades and the best upgrade path to increase your cars’ Performance Index Rating, take a look at our two blogs – one for handling and one for power.

Give Us Your Best

In the previous blog entry, I asked the community to share their most creative Project CARS 3-related image, and boy did you deliver! We had some feature on our social platforms, but there were so many awesome ones, I thought I’d highlight some more on this blog!

Frtluan92 on Instagram

Angie on Instagram

Davizon on Instagram

Please do keep sharing your content on social media with the hashtag #ProjectCARS3 and we’ll keep finding ways to get your creativity out into the world where they belong. Thank you!

That’s all for this week. As always, if you want to keep up to date on all things Project CARS 3, join the Discord community, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website.

– Fernando 



You’ve waited patiently, and now it’s here – Update 14 has dropped for F1® Mobile Racing, available now on iOS and Android! Not only that, but it’s one of the game’s biggest ever updates…

The headline act of Update 14 is the return of esports to the game, in the form of F1® Mobile Racing Esports – a completely new mode that’s your chance to become a racing legend. Exclusive Leagues and Challenges are waiting for you to take on, competing against some stiff competition all battling to get to the top, just like you. Best of luck!

Alongside the return of esports, we have more fresh GP Events dropping in Update 14. Now live is the Exhibition Event, combining some of the circuits that unfortunately had to be dropped from the real-world F1 calendar this season, giving you the chance to compete and win big. Keep logging in to look for more GP Events, too! On top of that, we’ve added the Mercedes AMG F1 Team black livery, as well as a free #WeRaceAsOne livery to use. Enjoy and see you on the track!

– Chris



  • This past weekend we celebrated National Videogames Day with a nostalgic look at where we’ve been on our gaming journey with all of you. Specifically with the DIRT franchise, we want to hear where your allegiances lie with our lineage of off-road racers – head here to join the conversation.
  • There’s still time – but only just – to get your hands on some retro Codies t-shirts, courtesy of Squared Seven! Our old logo and Sensible Soccer tees are available to purchase, with proceeds going to gaming mental health charity Safe In Our World. Do your bit for a great cause and look darn fine fine doing it.
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