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September 21, 2018

It’s time we grabbed a few minutes with music composer and sound designer MIKTEK, the man behind F1® 2018’s music, to talk about his career, influences, and F1 ® 2018.


Hi! Please could you introduce yourself and tell us what you do on F1 ® 2018?

“Hello there! I’m Mihalis, and I work under the project name MIKTEK. I’m a composer and sound designer from Mytilene, Lesbos Island, Greece. On F1® 2018 I worked on the front-end music and some sound design elements for the game that currently can be heard at the start screen, menus, sub menus, loading screen and career intro. Some of the music was also used on some of the awesome promotional trailers for F1® 2018 too, such as this here: ”


Please give us some background about what you have done in the past?

“I have two albums, one collaboration album (CD/DIGITAL), along with three vinyl releases and I’ve been in various compilations released at Ultimae Records. Lots of my music can be found on my Bandcamp page and can be used freely in student projects etc. I’ve also performed in various audio-visual events and worked on the OST in some local video projects.”


How did you get into your career?

“I started with electronic music in my 20s. I’m 35 now, with an infinite love for anything audio/visual. It started as a hobby and I was experimenting in a wide spectrum mostly in Ambient, Downtempo, IDM and Experimental. My friends pushed me to put my music online in the MySpace era, so I did. Through social media I was lucky enough to get picked up by my favourite label (Ultimae Records) and honestly I have enjoyed the ride. The same thing happened with Codemasters and the story continues.”


Please can you tell us about your experiences of working on F1® 2018?

“First of all this is Codemasters. I’ve been playing Codemasters’s games since I was a child. Besides that, it’s an honour to work on such a huge franchise as F1®. At the beginning, I was a little nervous and to be honest, when I was first contacted by the company I thought it was a joke or spam or something. I didn’t know the team, the challenges and the workflow, as this was my first project in the gaming industry. It turned out to be a collaboration with the best audio team I could possibly work with. The workflow was smooth, though it wasn’t without its challenges at times, but I saw every challenge as educational. This just led to faster solutions and better composing ideas. Not forget to mention meeting new interesting people and making new friends.”


What were the processes involved in creating the music for F1® 2018? What are you most pleased with?

“At first, I created some ideas and sent them over for review. It felt great, as I had the freedom to compose from my point of view, like, for example, what a menu of an F1® videogame could possibly sound like. I noticed that having a more ambient approach wasn’t on previous F1® games, so this was rather interesting to experiment with. Then I had the opportunity to visit the offices at Birmingham. It was great to meet the “A” team in person and discuss about what we wanted and what we didn’t. The rest was just a joyful rollercoaster until the finish line.”


What are your main inspirations and references, and how did that feed into the creative process on F1® 2018?

“Everything around me can be a source of inspiration, from my everyday routine to my real life experiences. Movies, time-lapses, my favourite artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, to name just a few from the electronic music genre (the list is huge!) , and, of course, videogames. The combination of being a composer and a videogame enthusiast, on top of the opportunity to work with Codemasters and with the current audio team played a major role in the inspiration and the creativity to work on the project.”


Have you heard the new F1® theme song, and what did you think?

I’ve heard the new theme song, yes. It sounds “epic” – it really fits the overall idea for such a franchise.”


 Now the game has been released, have you been playing it at all, what do you think about the game overall?

“Of course I have played the game,  though I am not the best at it! I think I need proper gear like a Playseat and a nice steering wheel for an accurate simulator like this. The graphics are amazing, the engine sounds are awesome and the career mode is something to dig into!”


Thanks for your time, MIKTEK!

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