Codies Racing Line – October 3, 2019



October 3, 2019
What’s your ‘Christmas come early’ moment? Is it when your favourite band comes to your home town?  When your partner messages you after work to say ‘don’t worry about cooking, I’ll grab a takeaway’? Strong candidates, for sure – but we get all giddy here at Codemasters HQ for something different.


There’s that buzz floating around all our offices as the next Codies game launch is almost upon us, but GRID’s rapid approach to your game library is far from the only talking point rolling out of our doors right now. As always, the Racing Line is here to keep you clued-up on all the big news, which including more dramatic F1 Esports action and exciting content drops for DiRT Rally 2.0.


Let’s start, though, with our incoming #LikeNoOther launch…



Here’s something cool. The next time we pen a Racing Line after this one, GRID will be out and live to the world. We’ve been covering some key info on the Codies Blog before launch: full details on wheel support for the game, and a full overview of GRID’s key features and content, just in case you’ve missed anything.


It is proper pedal-to-the-metal time for the team – and this weekend, GRID went truly global, as we sent out the troops to multiple destinations to get the hearts of players and media racing.
Over in Madrid, we caught up with our Race Consultant, Fernando Alonso, for a special media event and sit-down with fellow GRID development team hero Michael Moreton. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, we joined in the TwitchCon fun in San Diego, CA, hosting an intimate preview event for content creators.


What does that mean for you? It means even more game insight pre-launch from journalists, sim racers, variety streamers, and everything in between – including the stunning footage from Shirrako below. We’ve collated all the best stuff on our YouTube channel, so check out this playlist to see what you’re in for when GRID launches on October 8.



 – Chris 


F1 2019



We’re fresh from the second round of the F1 New Balance Pro Series… and what a round! Three races, three different winners! We won’t spoil the results for you, but you can relive all the action right here – make sure you keep an eye out for David Tonizza’s special Tonzilla mascot!



In case you missed the news, last week we released patch 1.12, which contains the F2 2019 update. You can read the patch notes for this right here:


Want to take part in next year’s F1 Esports Series? Now’s your chance, you can qualify right now – all you need to do is head to the ‘F1 Esports’ tab in F1 2019 and try the event. Good luck, and we’ll leave you with some of our favourite tweets from last night’s F1 New Balance Pro Series!



Hey everyone!
As usual, DiRT’s been flat-out with all sorts of things going on and coming up, here are the highlights:


• The F2 Kit Cars are here! The front-wheel-drive monsters of the 90s have made it to DiRT Rally 2.0 and they’re a real challenge. If you haven’t seen our wild videos of them taming the Greek landscape head on over to the YouTube channel and take a look.


• We’re now on Xbox Game Pass! As a long-time Xbox racing fan this is great news to be able to share, as DiRT Rally 2.0 opens its doors to the wider Xbox community. We’re also on Xbox Game Pass for PC, and the PC version is on the Microsoft Store, check the news article for details. If you’re new to DiRT and want to learn, hit up the Community Rally School.


• We had another big game update! Version 1.9 is here with a whole bunch of big community requests, like improvements to VR, audio updates, broadcast Mode (beta) and more. Check out the Patch Notes here and give the latest update a go.


• Yas Marina is up next! The new-for-2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship location is making its virtual debut in DiRT Rally 2.0 next week. You’ve driven the Grand Prix circuit in F1 titles for years, and now it’s time to take your skills off-road. I’ve done a few laps so far and from what I can tell so far it’s the most technical circuit in the entire game, those switchbacks and high kerbs are a real challenge.



On top of that, I’m looking forward to GRID’s release next week; after completing F1 2019 a few weeks ago I’m looking to get sunk into another racing game, and my regular Xbox racing group’s itching to have a go too. You’ll likely see me in the Xbox lobbies around the launch period, keep an eye on the podium spots ?
– PJ




From Singapore to Sochi, the F1 action has been unmissable recently – and F1® Mobile Racing (out now on iOS and Android, don’t’cha know) has been the perfect way to keep the excitement coming. We’re seeing huge playing numbers around qualifying and race day, whether that’s honing your craft in long-distance Single races, working up to the Elite Leagues in Duel, or ranking against the world in GP Events.


With the Season Championship rolling on, the F1® Mobile Racing team remain full speed ahead with plans to further improve and optimise the game. More details will roll out with upcoming patches and updates, but let’s say we’re looking to give you more ways to take control of our free-to-play racer…
– Chris 



– The Codies crew are always keen to see the next generation of industry talent and drop some expert advice – which is exactly what happened at Staffordshire University in September. As part of the uni’s Welcome Week, a Freshers Game Jam for the campus’ Games Programming and Games Development courses. Chris Fitzpatrick from our team attended and was on the judging panel, saying: “everyone made some excellent games and tech ideas, ranging from simple ideas with hilarious lore to some quite impressive tech!”


– Our annual Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning took place last Friday, as the team get their caffeine hit and break out their baking utensils, all in the name of charity. Since 1990, Macmillan has raised over £200 million through the project to support those battling cancer. Thank you to everyone at Codies who donated and baked, including Scarlett, who won our ‘Best Presented Cake’ prize with her burger-themed cupcakes! Nom.


– The incredible team over at SpecialEffect are running another event to help support their goal of helping all people with physical disabilities play video games through adaptive technology. Its One Special Day fundraiser takes place this Friday, and Codemasters will be staying thoroughly on-brand by running a racing event – but with a twist. Using DiRT Rally 2.0, we’ll be teaming up in pairs to race through stages – but whilst the navigator can see the screen, the driver will be looking the other way! The “I think we’ve got some damage” soundbyte from Phil Mills is going to get quite the workout. Make sure to visit the SpecialEffect website to see how you can get involved in One Special Day.
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