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October 17, 2014

Today across our Southam HQ we’ve got a good deal of cloud making its appearance known but blue skies are breaking through intermittently.  Precipitation is at 20%, humidity 82% and there’s a rather chilly 14mph wind coming up from the south that’s adding just a small nip into the air. Temperature is a comfortable 19°C although a nice jacket is required.

But you didn’t come here for the weather, you came here for an update on all the latest goings on, you care about games and this week, you’re in luck. Launch week is here for F1 2014 so let’s jump right in with our special F1 dedicated update.

F1 2014 Out Now

No launch day is complete without a launch trailer, no words, simply watch:

Much Excitement!

It’s been great reading your thoughts and feedback on the game, here’s a few of our favourite Tweets so far:


Heading to Russia?

If, after the Russian GP you’re looking forward to taking on the Sochi Autodrom then sit back and have a watch as Daniil Kvyat puts in a lap.


What’s your F1 Setp?

This is our setup for the day, and now we want to see yours. Drop us a tweet with your F1 Setup and we’ll be retweeting our favourites!


Screenshot of the Week

We know it’s not technically a screenshot but we’re a sucker for three screens. Nicely done @Mrleapyearboy.


Launch Day Q&A


Senior Games Design Lee Mather talks Handling, A.I., fuel management and more in this launch day Q&A.

Head over to the blog for all the juicy details.

Support Wheel List


Fancy ditching the pad and making the move to a wheel? Have a wheel but want to know if it’s supported? Step right this way and have a read of our supported wheel list.

If you are picking up F1 2014 this weekend we’d love to hear what you think. Find us over on Facebook, drop us a line on Twitter and join in the discussion on our Forums.

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