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October 31, 2014

Another (wet and windy) week comes to an end here at Codies HQ, let’s dive in with all the latest happenings!

Happy Halloween

We do love Halloween, and it’s easily our fourth most favourite time of year. The Minions always seem exceptionally chipper, perhaps it’s because the pumpkin fields are overflowing with their orangey goodness. Unfortunately it’s not all great; one does remember the awful mess that the Minions made last year, who would have known pumpkin vomit would be so explosive.

To distract us from the impending mess, and not to mention the smell, we’ve slashed the prices on the entire Overlord series over on Steam, including the Complete Pack.

Prices start from a spooktacular 87p! Simply click the images below to head straight on over to the Steam store.

Overlord     Raising_Hell     Overlord2

Overlord_complete_Pack£3.74 | $4.99 | €4.99

Toy Box Turbos

It was only last week that we announced Toy Box Turbos but we’ve already been blown away by your extremely enthusiastic response for it. There’s no slowing down here though as only today we’ve released our latest video that shows off the table tops you’ll be racing around.

But wait, there’s more! Colin Nicholls, Principal Level Designer for Toy Box Turbos has shared some of his thoughts and wisdom about the tracks and how they were created. Read all about it over on the blog.

F1 2014

We can’t wait for the US GP this weekend and to celebrate we’ve released our hot lap of Circuit of the Americas.

GRID Autosport


We released a new patch this week on PC which adds in rear view mirror and also improves the playlist rotation. To read more about the changes to playlists head on over here.

Video of the week

60fps videos on YouTube? We approve of this!

Screenshot of the week

Did you know that Toy Box Turbos has a retro cam? Sit back, race your friends and reminisce about your youth.


We’ll be back next week for all the latest news, events and gossip. Have a great weekend!

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