Codies Racing Line – November 14, 2019



November 14, 2019

Don’t worry. Don’t panic. This is a safe space.

Whilst social media channels, television screens and plenty more mediums are starting to get all festive, we’ve decided to keep this week’s Racing Line a Christmas-free zone. It’s far too early – and besides, with so much news, announcements and insights to bring on all things Codemasters, who needs December 25th?! Over here at Codies HQ, it’s our goal to make it feel like Christmas all year round with big releases, updates and events.

The last fortnight has included all that and more, so let’s start this Racing Line with our latest release, with a peek into the future…


We’re now over a month removed from GRID’s launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – though it feels like no time at all, as we’ve had our foot to the floor bringing optimisations and updates based on player feedback. Included in that is this week’s small patch on all platforms, which specifically focused on stability, reducing instances of crashes or freezes for players. Thank you to everyone for their feedback on that one – and keep it coming as we continue to push GRID forward.

This week, it’s been all about Ford and Ferrari, as we celebrate the launch of Ford vs Ferrari – Le Mans ’66 in cinemas this week with content based around the historic racing rivalry. We’ve asked you to send your screenshots, pledge your allegiance, and set quick times with the Ford GT40 or Ferrari 330 P4 (both located in Invitational > Historic GT). Now that you’ve done all that, it’s only fair that we give something back, right? Check our social channels tomorrow, the launch day of Ford vs Ferrari, to see what we’ve got lined up…

Next week, it’s time for something completely different. On Tuesday, November 19, Google Stadia opens its launch window to the world – and GRID will be arriving on Stadia during that window, so players Get Your Heart Racing on an entirely new gaming platform. We’ve got plenty going on to celebrate not just the launch, but the fact that we’re bringing something brand new to the table, exclusive to Stadia. You may’ve seen or read one or two whispers… but if you want the full story, check into our social channels on Monday.

And then there’s the small matter of kicking off our post-launch content plan, with Season 1 being finalised as we speak. We’ve heard the requests for more news on Season 1, which will bring new things for both Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition GRID players. Once the Stadia launch is in the rear-view mirror, we’ll drop all the deets for Season 1. We’ve already dropped one teaser, but we’re feeling generous, so here’s another…

– Chris 

F1 2019


It’s time for another Racing Line! Firstly, what an impressive achievement for Lewis Hamilton last time out at the Circuit of the Americas! A six-time world champion!

Did you miss the third F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series event at the Gfinity Arena? You missed a GREAT one! We won’t spoil the results for you, but you can watch the whole thing from start to finish right here, or check out the top moments below:

Want to be battling it out with the pros next year? Your last chance to qualify for next year’s F1 Esports Pro Draft is open right now. Head to the ‘F1 Esports’ tab of F1 2019 to get started on the last qualifying event. You’ve got until 23:59 GMT, Tuesday 19th November to set your score, and you could win some amazing prizes (including tickets to the 2020 Australian Grand Prix – fancy) regardless of your place on the leaderboard. If you need more information on all of this, just head here.

We can’t wait for the Brazil Grand Prix this weekend – and in celebration, we have a few special Interlagos screenshots for you…


– Jenny



Hey everyone, here’s what been happening in the world of DiRT recently…
Finland Rally is here! The final Rally location of DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 3 has arrived and it’s arguably the best of the bunch based on what players are getting up to. Big jumps, big bumps and my personal favourite, the stunt battle between two of the game’s fastest players; there’s something for everyone! We also dropped some swanky liveries for Season 3 players. This time we’ve gone for a minty blue theme across 5 cars. More liveries coming in Season 4!
Shortly before releasing Finland Rally and the liveries, we issued a hotfix to address some things with Broadcast Mode. In this minor update we also had fixes for USB input stuttering and a few other things, too. Version 1.11 is a few weeks away yet, and we’ll drop patch notes when the time comes. Not played DiRT Rally 2.0 yet? We’ve just launched a free (yes, FREE) Trial Version! Take your first steps into the world of rally, and sample the best of the FIA World Rallycross Championship on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Finally, DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 4 begins next week! We’re kicking things off with Killarney International Raceway, the scene of last week’s epic 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship showdown.
That’s it from me today – check back tomorrow for another DiRT Roadbook!



Just two F1 races remain in the 2019 season – and whilst the real-world champion may’ve already been crowned, the title of F1 Mobile Racing’s Season Championship winner is still up for grabs! To give all players every chance to improve their GP Events leaderboard position and fight for the big prizes, the deadline for the end of Season Championship has now been EXTENDED until the end of the year. So, make sure you take part in this weekend’s Brazil event, work on those previous event scores, and fight hard for biggest prize haul to date.

As we build towards the next big update, we wanted to outline the priorities at this point with F1 Mobile Racing’s development – beginning with checks and balances for all players. In our latest blog post, we outlined the further steps are taking, or have taken, to ensure fair racers are rewarded, and those found to be exploiting the game or ruining the experience for others receive reprimands or more. Play fair, race fair!

– Chris 



– It’s a hat-trick! At the recent TIGA Games Industry Awards 2019, Codemasters’ F1® 2019 won Best Racing Game – the third year running that our annual F1® title has picked received the award. “It is an incredible achievement by the studio to win Best Racing Game three years in a row. Every year we strive to create the most authentic F1® experience and F1® 2019 has been incredibly well received by our players and critics,” said Lee Mather, Game Director for F1® 2019. Congratulations to the whole t

– Calling all content creators! Codemasters is putting its dedication to working alongside you into a higher gear, with the introduction of the Racing Ahead program. On all our recent titles, we’ve had a blast working with creators of all forms of entertainment, giving them pre-release game access, invited to exclusive events, and plenty more special opportunities. It’s a great for us to get a sense of what direction to take our games in, give you unique content to create with, and build relationships with the Codies community. Fill out our form to be considered for the program, and be at the front of the queue for our future projects…

– The Codemasters team have been back out on the road at more events! Earlier this week, we stopped by Staffordshire University for the Ukie Student Confierence, offering advice to students on a career in gaming. Today, we’ve been at the Huddle event, hosted by Mindshare, showing of GRID and DiRT Rally 2.0!

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