Dev insight 3 is here to tell you how to rise to the top in DiRT Rally 2.0



November 20, 2018

We know you all loved how competitive the original DiRT Rally was, and so for DiRT Rally 2.0 we’re bringing back the competitive edge with a vengeance! Here’s Chief Games Designer Ross Gowing giving you a quick whistle-stop tour through how you can rise to the top of the leader boards this coming February:

With so many variables being introduced to DiRT Rally 2.0’s career mode – tyre degradation, surface deformation, vehicle wear and tear, weather, and everything in between – we knew we had to offer a distraction-free way for all of you WR-chasers to go forth and race in a focused way. This distraction-free way is our bespoke time trial mode, which gives you the ideal conditions to race down a stage and attempt to top the global leader boards.

You’ll also be excited to know that with DiRT Rally 2.0 we’re having both dry and wet leader boards available! So if you’re a master of rainy conditions then you’ll have your chance to top the times too. And if you’re an all-rounder, then lucky you – you’ll have two opportunities to show everyone how quick you are. ;)

Finally, we have some brand new screenshots to showcase! Feast your eyes on these…

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