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November 4, 2013

Fancy a trip to Codies for super-exclusive, super-secret early game access?

We’ve said before that we’re really focussed on getting your feedback about our games – well, one of the initiatives we’re keen to launch is to get you guys involved at a much earlier stage. Earlier, even, than announcement…

We always have various projects on the go at Codemasters, small and big, and whilst we always take into account player feedback, whether through our community channels or other forums or comments stages, and we can assure you that as much of this information as possible is shared and discussed amongst our various teams. Whilst we can’t always act on everything, we do hear it and big projects, like the GRID 2 Demo Derby free DLC release and our first steps into modding support for GRID 2 have genuinely come directly from your suggestions.

With that in mind, how would you like to be involved in feeding back on a game from its earliest stages?

We’ve got an opportunity for you to come in to our HQ (Southam, CV47 2DL, UK), play our games early and gives us your thoughts and feedback – it really could help us determine the direction we press ahead with and shape the future of our games.

We’re looking for really core racing fans initially, and we know there’s plenty of you out there.

We’re hoping to get the first group of people in soon so if you are interested please can you send an email to gridgame@codemasters.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Why you want to come and tell us what we’re doing wrong (or right!)
  • Very brief racing game experience (emphasis on the Codemasters games but feel free to list others as well)
  • Your one sentence review of GRID 2

Note: The more information you can give us the better your chance at being selected, we’re looking for the most dedicated racers our there

Together, we can make some great games

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