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December 5, 2014

It’s a special edition of the Codies Weekly Update as we celebrate #20YearsOfPlay with PlayStation and you guys.

To kick things off we wanted to share with you some of our favourite moments from PlayStation history.


“Best moment on PlayStation for me would be door to door round Knockhill in the rain in TOCA 2 on PS1 back in 1999.”

–          John Lewis, Creative Art Manager


“Battle Arena Toshinden, because it came with my PlayStation it was my first hands on with a real 3D fighting game… Oh and Dino Crisis, because raptors belong in the kitchen.”

–          Jason Lamplough, Web Designer


“First time I remember a game seriously scaring me.  Resident Evil and those damn dogs jumping through the window!

Although just watching it again on youtube, I’m not sure why.”

–          Steven Prestige, Senior Level Designer


“Playing International Track & Field on the PlayStation 1 with the Multitap and 3 of my best mates… Using a sock to reduce finger blistering on world record times.

And playing the first GTA with a mate, one driver, one player reading the map to help escape the cops and plot a route to the nearest respray garage. Intense.”

–          James Nicholls, Creative Director


“Back when I got my PlayStation I spent a lot of time playing Crash Bandicoot, there was always that one crate you wanted but was surrounded by TNT… Yet you’d always try”

–          Ben Walke, Community Manager


“Several Hideo Kojima moments, but this one from Metal Gear Solid is probably my favourite.”

–          Darren Hayward, Experienced Games Designer


“I’d never encountered a game that broke the fourth wall before I fought this guy, and it completely blew my mind.”

–          Matthew Pickering, Experienced Games Designer


“So many memories, but nothing will top playing the best stealth game ever made. Metal Gear Solid 2.”

–          Luke Spring, Community Manager


“Tekken 2 , the first fighting game I played and first time I got to punch a Kangaroo in the face.”

–          Ben Welch, Brand Assistant


“One of the guys bought an import PS1 in to the office with Ridge Racer and I was instantly blown away.  It’s a defining moment in gaming for me, and one which up until now still hasn’t been topped after 21 years in the industry.”

–          Lee Mather, Principal Games Designer


“My first Love <3 I could stay for a while at the same place just making him play his cape animation!”

–          Ngoc-Trang Cao, Senior Programmer


“One of my favourite PS1 experiences was playing Wipeout for the first time. The music, graphics and gameplay worked together beautifully and each sequel just got better and better. Wipeout 3 is still a fantastic game!”

–          Peter Asberg, Senior Artist

It was great to see so many of you tweeting us about our games this week too, we couldn’t possibly fit them all in to one blog post but here are some of our favourites.

Wow this turned out to be a massive post! Normal service will resume next week. Big thank you to everybody who sent us in their #20YearsOfPlay, don’t feel bad if you missed out on the fun you can sound off in our shiny newly comments section below.

Have an awesome weekend!

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