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December 22, 2014

Well that’s 2014 pretty much over and done with so to celebrate we’ve put together a very special edition of the Codies Weekly Update containing some of our favourite moments from 2014.

But before we get started and on behalf of everybody here at Codemasters we just wanted to say thank you to all of you. Your fondness for our retro titles, your passion for our current ones, your love of motorsport, the “DiRT 4 Confirmed” comments on EVERY SINGLE Facebook post (even when it has nothing to do with DiRT), the discussions on the forums, the YouTube videos, the screenshots… everything you guys do inspires us all to try harder.

That’s enough from me, over to everybody else and their Codemasters moments of 2014.


“It was great to see Autosport bringing home GamesRadar’s Racing Game of the Year award.”

–          Gary Buckley, Technical Director


Filling my colleagues’ tea cup up to the brim with boiling water leaving zero room for milk, starting a year-long brimming war that still wages on with no signs of a ceasefire from either faction. 

–          Oliver Johnson, Dialogue Producer


“Codies Karting at Daytona Milton Keynes! We got to race with BTCC and Formula 3 drivers, such as Jack Clarke and Alice Powell”

–          Matthew Pickering, Experienced Games Designer


“Working on GRID Autosport was awesome. Working with so many great drivers, engineers and teams to help make the game more authentic was pretty special.”

–          Graham Bromley, Lead Level Designer


“Would it be inappropriate to brag about how proud I am of the game I’m working on? Too soon?

Probably should keep quiet.”

–          Steve Hughes,  Principal Programmer


“I designed and built the Autosport Raceway in GRID Autosport. It was the first track I built and to see it in a boxed release was very cool.”

–          Harry Corr, Experienced Level Designer


“Watching the new handling take shape in my current project. And seeing or test drivers reacting to #ThatCar”

–          Jamie Lowes, Principal Programmer


“Seeing F1 Next Gen coming together has been fantastic. I know we haven’t shown anything yet but it’s official that we’re working on a next gen version. We (the vfx team) has worked hard to push the tech and visuals on that game and while there are still some things left to do to, it already looks great!”

–          Peter Asberg, Senior Artist


“I don’t think we’ve ever had as many laughs during work hours as we’ve had playtesting Toybox Turbos. And bridging the gap between Codies’ top-down racing heritage and the cutting-edge world of virtual reality has been more fun than it has any right to be!”

–          Gavin Cooper, Chief Game Designer


“One of my proudest moments of 2014 was being part of the team charged with creating #ThatCar! Hats off to all the guys who gave a bit of their soul to give life to a monster.”

–          Paul Blair, Games Designer (Car Handling)


“So many good memories of my first year at Codemasters. Maybe the best one was the Gamejam Showcase Day a week or two after my first day. It let me see the great talent that Codies has.”

–          Daniel Sanchez Perez, Experienced Programmer


“I’m torn between two – showing off GRID Autosport on the booth at GDC, and talking about our grass rendering tech at Develop!”

–          Richard Kettlewell, Senior Programmer

You’d think that being surrounded by video games all day might make you a little tired of video games… Nope, it’s in our blood so to celebrate here are some of our top gaming moments and achievements from this year.


“I bought the original Super Mario Kart on Virtual Console for my Wii, and *finally* got the gold trophy for the 150cc Special Cup. Only took me 20 years”

–          Matthew Pickering, Experienced Games Designer


“Getting the 718th Pokemon in Pokemon Y – Finally Caught them All! And I have since got the 719th Event one.”

–          Graham Bromley, Lead Level Designer


“That first time when you realise character perma-death means exactly that in Invisible Inc, you can’t even go back to a save.  It’s a bold decision and I think it does wonders for the tension the game builds up.”

–          Gary Buckley, Technical Director


“Accepting the fact I cannot beat my 11 year old son at FIFA or PES anymore… Proud, and sad, at the same time…”

–          Jamie Lowes, Principal Programmer


“Gone Home made me smile, worry, laugh and cry all in the space of 3 gripping hours. More like this please!”

–          Anthony Cooper, Experienced Level Designer

And there you have it, 2014 all wrapped up in a nice little bow. Next year we’ve got… let’s just say we’ve got some returning favourites, maybe even a few new ones.

You’ve all been awesome, we’ll see you in the new year.

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