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May 31, 2017


SURPRISE! It’s a mid-week Road Book, just because we’re getting to the business end of things now – and that means we’ve got plenty of stuff to talk about! How are we all, are we all excited for the launch of DiRT 4? Yeeeeah, us too. ;)

So, what’s new with us? As we speak, we’re getting ready to send DiRT 4 out for review with all of the usual gaming, tech and entertainment people – so we’re so excited to see what they make of the game. There’s no going back now, our baby is coming – so expect to see a lots of fun stuff coming your way over the next few days and weeks. Of course, we were at Lydden Hill last weekend… and Team VVV joined us while we were there, so here’s a a video on our simulation handling for you to get your teeth into:

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on the game then sure, seeing all of these videos and reviews might be a massive tease – but for those of you who want to see more and more of the game in action before you dive in, then you should get all of the footage you want over the next week or so!

Right – shall we crack on with the Road Book then? We should have mentioned earlier, actually – we have a little bit of an announcement to make…

Introducing… Razer Motorsport


DiRT 4 is going to be the biggest, boldest, and best DiRT game to date. One of the ways we’re making sure of that is by working with the best partners… Which is we’re delighted to announce that Razer – the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers – is a part of DiRT 4.

Yes, that’s right – Razer Motorsport are making their debut into the DiRT franchise this June! And we have to say, they’re looking pretty darn good:


And the fun doesn’t stop for us there with Razer – working with Razer just works, and that’s because of their new PS4 controller Raiju. We’ve been playing the game in the office with these pads, and we’ve got to say, it definitely makes a difference – especially when you want to play DiRT 4 with manual gears. No more contortionist techniques are required to change gear on your controller – you can remap the additional Multi-Function buttons on the shoulders and underside of the controller for all of your manual sequential needs.



While we haven’t talked about this as much as we could have yet, DiRT 4 will hitting PS4 at 60fps – so the combination of a smooth framerate and the Raiju’s Hyperesponse mechanical buttons is awesome, as it allows you as a player to react instantaneously to what’s happening on screen. In rally, there’s no time for hesitation or delay – and the Raiju lets you act on your razer-sharp (whey!) instincts during play.


It’s not just us raving about it either – everyone on Amazon seems to love it too!

Anyway, we’re super chuffed that Razer are in the game, and we hope you are too. And we’re especially chuffed that we now get to play on our consoles with their peripherals. For too long, PC players have had all the fun. ;)


Oh and did we mention their Razer Motorsport liveries are ridiculously cool?

Behind the Scenes fun

Remember back in January, when we announced DiRT 4 to the world with an incredibly shiny trailer? Here’s how we made that trailer – because, well, who doesn’t love a timelapse? ;) Huge thanks to our friends over at Kick Motorsport and M Sport for letting us use their equipment for the shoot!

The DiRT 4 loot box

You’ll have seen that we keep sharing pictures of various bits of merchandise on our social media accounts… well, it’s almost time to lift the lid on the DiRT 4 box! While we were down at Lydden Hill for the FIA World Rallycross Championship, we filmed an unboxing with the one and only @Kick_Up, which we’ll share in full towards the end of the week when we unveil all of the goodies that will be available. For now, however, enjoy a taster of that unboxing – it’s amazing how a Chief Games Designer can love a drawstring bag so much!

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A gentle reminder, as always, not to leave it too late to pre-order – there’s not long left for you to guarantee the Hyundai R5 and your entry into the Founders’ Special Event! So if you’re definitely going to pick the game up, it’s worth picking it up now.


… And that’s your fill for our special Wednesday edition of the Road Book! Hope you enjoyed your mid-week update, and we’ll see you back here soon!



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