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January 15, 2016

Hello everyone! We’re kicking off this week’s Road Book off with an awesome competition. We know you’ve been hankering after some DiRT Rally merchandise for a while now, so we’ve decided it’s time for some t-shirts. And, as DiRT Rally was built with your help, we’re asking for your help again – this time to design the official DiRT Rally t-shirt!

Starting from today – 15th January 2016 – you will be able to submit your best DiRT t-shirt designs to competitions@codemasters.com. The guidelines are simple: for your design, you mustn’t feature any brands or branded vehicles (but you can include stylised cars), and you must include the DiRT Rally logo. We’ve given you a high-resolution clean version of the logo below, so please – go nuts with it.

basic dirt logo

After submissions close on the 25th January 2016, the DiRT team will then create a shortlist of our favourite entries, and will then put them up to you – the community – to vote for your favourite. The vote will take place over on Facebook, where the design with the most ‘Likes’ will win. The winner will get two t-shirts of their winning design – one for framing, and one for wearing – plus a bundle of Razer goodies, including a keyboard, mouse, and headphones! Full terms and conditions are available on Facebook, so head over there for the full information.

And good luck – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We want your footage!

With the console release of DiRT Rally approaching, we want to do something special for our adverts. We don’t want to showcase just our game, but how amazing our players are at our game too – which is why we’ve decided that we want to have an advert that uses only your in-game footage.  So, if you’re up for the challenge, please send us your most impressive captures via online file transfer (ideally 1080p, 60fps) to competitions@codemasters.com for a chance to feature your driving in one of our launch videos!

We can’t say enough thanks for your feedback and support in making DiRT Rally what it is today, so we want to make sure we make you a part of taking the game to consoles. And what better a way than to show everyone how much fun you can have on DiRT Rally?

Now it’s over to @Kick_Up for his updates from the studio:

Over to the studio

This week started with @Hatward and I getting the D-Box ready to take to the Autosport show. As always there was a variety of last minute gremlins that crept into the system but we eventually got everything packed and ready to go on Tuesday. The D-Box is in a great position on the i-ON cameras stand so if you are heading along to the Autosport Show this weekend make sure you take Liam Doran’s DS3 for a spin around Lydden Hill.

In the studio we’ve been very busy getting the documentation together for our first round of console submissions. It is one of the least fun bits of being a game designer but it is a very necessary part of getting the game approved for release by Microsoft and Sony. Things are looking good and with some press days not too far away we should be able to talk more about the console version quite soon.

Some of you will have seen me get pretty excited about something on Tuesday:

This set the DiRTy Gossip thread into overdrive with some wild and some not so wild speculation as to what it can be. I don’t want to give too much away but I should probably clarify that it isn’t a massive feature but it is something pretty special that will add something quite poignant to DiRT Rally that has been missing from the series for a long time.

Screenshot of the week

This week’s shot comes from Steam user dirtrally.exe, taking a sweet little jump in the Audi. Absolutely cracking mid-air shot, so thanks for sharing dirtrally.exe!


Video of the week

This week’s video of the week is a seriously slick video of Youtube user 6e66o throwing the Ford Fiesta around Greece. Not only is it a pretty sweet bit of driving, but we’re especially loving the angles used to capture the action.

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