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January 22, 2016

Welcome to this week’s DiRT Rally Road Book! We’re fresh off our week at Autosport Show International, where we and the DiRT Rally simulator were hanging out with iON Camera. If you’re wondering if you’re quick enough to have beaten the best simulator time at the show, then we can tell you – if you’re able to get it around Lydden Hill in Liam Doran’s DS3 quicker than 38.545secs, the answer is yes! That impressive time was put down by Joao Filipe, who took home some goodies for his performance:

Anyway, we’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who came down to see us – and a big thanks to iON Camera for letting us have some fun on their stand. Thanks to World Rallycross for being so fun to play too – we can’t wait until the kick-off of this year’s season! Especially now we know a certain Mr Block will be returning to the show…

It was announced earlier on this week that Andreas Bakkerud will be joining Team Hoonigan for this year’s campaign, so we can’t wait to see what they’ve got.


Our t-shirt competition’s going strong, and there’s still a couple of days to go before entries close! You can catch up with all of the details in last week’s road book, right here. We’ve had some cracking designs in so far, but there’s definitely room for more. The competition closes midnight (GMT) on Monday – so make sure you get your designs in before then to be in with a chance of being shortlisted for the Facebook vote.

Community trailer

We’re still thirsty for your DiRTy footage, too! We’ve had almost two hours of footage submitted to us so far – all golden – so please keep it coming! We’re really looking forward to stitching together parts of your footage to make one big super-trailer. Online transfer your footage (ideally 1080p, 60fps) to competitions@codemasters.com for a chance to feature.

Hangin’ with Hatward

Hello DiRT Fans! We’ve had another busy week in the studio. The team are hard at work on the console port, but we’ve still got love for everyone still playing on PC. Several of you have reported issues with Leagues and Rallycross, and with some new code from @jamielowesdev, @demetrius_don and @ThisIsPmcc, we’ve got fixes in the works.

The bug in Leagues came from a new feature we are adding, where League admins can allow the use of your career mode service crew. Invariably something went wrong somewhere and the game code got out of sync with the website deployment, and now your Service Crew in a League event consists of only a Crew Chief. There’s only so much that guy can do, it seems. The fix will enable a team of stock engineers (in both Leagues and Custom Event), which actually was always the plan. Then if your League admin ticks the “Allow Career Engineers” flag for your event, you’ll need to bring your own crew. That flag will go live early next month.

Rallycross events are suffering from a wildly different issue, in that some engine audio files are causing the game to run out of memory. It’s hard to say whether you will get this bug or not, but if you did you will have spent a long time reading the tips on the loading screen. It’s affected enough of you to warrant inclusion in the patch, so we’re rolling out a fix for that too.

Both of these bugs are resolved in an upcoming patch. Some of you have expressed concerns that we’ll leave you hanging until the console update, rest assured that’s not the case. We’re pulling a package together right now, and once it’s undergone some thorough testing, we’ll be pushing it out into the wild.  It’s hard to give you an exact timeframe as we’re not sure how long it will take to build / test, but keep your eye on the forums and we’ll keep you posted.

That’s it from me – time to meet up with the rest of the team and make a plan of attack for next week. Hope you all enjoy your weekends, and be sure to swing by the Daily Event tomorrow. I’m sure a lot of you will be in the mood for Monte Carlo, so we’re giving you a full stage in the snow. In RWD.

Be Brave! ;)

Screenshot of the week

This weeks’ screenshot is an awesome and atmospheric grab from Pikes Peak. Thanks to Steam user »DeliqenT²³ for the shot.

Pikes Peak screenshot

Video of the week

This week’s video is Youtuber keny500’s run through Dyffrin Afon – complete with a real-life co-driver. As well as some pretty smooth driving, it’s super cool to see the teamwork that rally demands in action.

That’s all from this week’s Road Book – so have a great weekend all!

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