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January 29, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Road Book! It’s been a busy week this week – we’ve had the press in to play DiRT Rally on PS4 and Xbox One for the last five days. You might have seen our super-sweet set-up on Twitter already – but if you didn’t, then take a look our own personal theatre of dreams:

If you’re wondering what set-ups we had, we were using:

T300 Servo base
TH8A Shifter
TM Leather 28 GT Wheel
T3PA Pro Pedals
GT Omega Racing RS9 Seat

It all went rather swimmingly, with everyone leaving Codemasters HQ with a smile on their face. With just over two months to go until our console versions are released, we’re ridiculously excited for you all to get your hands on the game.

The t-shirt competition – voting has officially opened!

The t-shirt competition closed on Monday, and we’ve been busy shortlisting at DiRT HQ. After much deliberation, lots of debate, and a few strong words, @Kick_Up and @Hatward helped us confirm the final line-up. We had some stunning designs in, so thank you to everybody who took the time to send us their ideas. It was a joy going through them all!

All that’s left for you to do now is head over to Facebook for the final line-up, take a look, decide your favourite, and cast your all-important vote! The winning t-shirt design will go on sale – so if there’s one you’d love to own, then please do vote. Here’s the link to the competition post.

Voting closes at 4pm GMT next Thursday, so you’ve got plenty of time to share your favourite and rally your pals to support it.

Momentum is building

Aside from getting really excited about DiRT Rally hitting next-gen consoles, we’re also excited about the return of the FIA World Rallycross Championship! After last week’s announcement involving Ken Block’s return to WRX, Ekstrom’s been making the news with his ‘SuperQ’ challenge – inviting some of the world’s top alpine skiers, street trial pros and MotoGP stars to throw an Audi around Kitzbuechel.

Here’s a quick clip – ‘gas, gas, gas’ is what we like to hear.

Last chance to send us your replay footage!

You’ve got until midnight (GMT) Tuesday to get all of your best DiRT Rally footage into us! We’ve had over 100 minutes of footage in so far, but we still want more. Use an online file hosting service like Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox to send your favourite clips to competitions@codemasters.com. If your footage gets selected, it’ll be used for one of our official ads during the DiRT Rally console launch. One small request, please – if you make sure the music and the co-driver are turned off on your replay footage when you send it, it’ll make it a lot easier at our end to put together. Thank you!

Hangin’ with @Hatward

Hello DiRT Fans! We’ve had another busy we…hold on, didn’t we just do this? Is it Friday already?!

The dev team here are keeping up the momentum from last week and are still firing on all cylinders to pull together code for releases on all platforms. We’ve just wrapped up code to send to Sony and Xbox One for them to run the rule over DiRT Rally on PS4 and Xbox One, and the game is running like a dream. There’s not too much I can say other than that, but stay tuned next week for more information on both console and the next PC update.

Speaking of PC, last week we talked about a couple of bugs in Leagues and Rallycross. I’m pleased to say not only are both of those bugs fixed, but the patch is built and is in the final phases of testing. Assuming that our QA teams don’t spot anything over the weekend, and that the elite team of community test drivers are happy that everything is working correctly, we’ll be pushing the update out to everyone on Monday. This means you’ll all be able to continue with your Rallycross Championships and re-schedule your Leagues.

To compliment the PC patch, there are a few small changes being made to Leagues setup on dirtgame.com. When a League owner is setting up an event, they’ve previously had control over whether players can have multiple tries at an event, and whether a stage has a service area or not. Since this system is largely built on the Online Events back-end from Career mode, we’ve brought across some of those improvements to Leagues. On an Event basis, you’ll have control over whether your League members must use their own vehicles and engineers from their career progress. On a stage basis, you can now dictate whether tuning appears, and most importantly, whether a stage is a checkpoint or not. A checkpoint is the stage that a player will return to if there game closes unexpectedly, for example if Alt-F4 is accidentally pushed… ;)

That’s about it from me, I’m going back to my desk to weep into my submission documents and make sure that events are in place for the fine folk at Microsoft & Sony.

Have a great weekend!

Screenshot of the week

This week’s super screenshot comes from Steam user Nagel, as he puts the Polo through its paces in Wales. The best way to finish the stage? Fly through it. Literally.


Video of the week

Our video of the week comes from Mr. Beerscuit’s Youtube channel. It’s only a minute long, but it absolutely warrants multiple re-watches. The immersive wheel, replay and pedal cam are brilliant in giving you a sense of how hard you have to work when you’re pushing it to the limit.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Road Book! And remember: if in doubt, flat-out.

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