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February 5, 2016

Welcome to this week’s Dirt Rally Road Book! It’s been a ridiculously exciting week in DiRT land, so we’re almost a little sad that Friday’s finally arrived (… but not that sad). In case you’ve been on another planet or have been suffering with dodgy WiFi, you’ll have seen that we’ve officially opened pre-orders for DiRT Rally on console!  And not only that, but we’ll be bringing new content to the game for everyone come April 5th – including new liveries, cars, full gravel Pikes Peak, and a couple of new Rallycross series. You can catch up with the full announcement and catch some sneaky screenshots of the new content right here.

RX_Clio_Hell_02_A Clio S1600

The t-shirt competition – voting now over!

The Design the DiRT t-shirt vote is now closed! Thank you to everyone who took the time to cast their vote – it’s really appreciated, as it’s awesome to know we’ll be bringing you merchandise we know you’ll like. We’re just contacting the winner now and verifying the votes, but we’ll be back next week to talk more about the winning design and when you can get your hands on it. However, you can always head over to Facebook to see how the shortlisted designs fared with your votes.

The Community Trailer

We’ve had some amazing footage in for the DiRT Rally community trailer – so thank you so much! It’s coming along so well, we can’t wait to be able to share the finished video with you. Just one, final request: you’ve sent us some amazing rally footage, but we’re missing some shots and clips from Rallycross! We’re extending the deadline for Rallycross clips until next Monday – so if you have a chance to capture some awesome Rallycross footage this weekend, please use an online file hosting service to send your footage into competitions@codemasters.com for a chance to feature in our next trailer.


10 things you probably didn’t know about DiRT Rally

Everyone’s favourite Chief Games Designer @Kick_Up wrote an awesome blog for Playstation this week, which you can catch up with here. You’ll find out how we record our pace notes, which stages you can find wildlife in, and what sort of trouble the design team have gotten themselves into while researching different locations. It’s a cracking (and enlightening) read, so take a look if you have a spare five minutes. And speaking of Paul, here’s his update from the studio this week:

Over to the studio

Last time out I wasn’t able to write anything in the Road Book because I spent the whole week speaking to press from around Europe. Despite a few small breaches of the embargo most of the articles went live on Tuesday. It has been amazing to see such a positive response to the game coming to console. Positive previews really help build momentum for us as we work towards the release. Our work is still far from done though, we are still working hard on getting the game ready for more submissions. Personally I’ll be travelling to Munich and Stockholm to do some more press activities to spread the good word.

We are also planning to do a DiRT Show next week. It’s been a while since we have spoken to you guys and had a chance to answer your questions so I’m looking forward to getting the Live Stream up and running before I jump on a plane and head to Europe. See you all next week!

Screenshot of the week

Our favourite screenshot of the week comes from Steam user zamoy72. This atmospheric Monte Carlo shot makes us come over a little chilly. Very ‘winter is coming’…


Video of the week

February’s first video of the week is a special one! Watch ronMctube aka dgeesio nail a World Record time in the Peugeot 205 T16 through Geufron Forest. If you want to know what on the edge racing looks like…. then this is it.

Dave Mirra

Finally, we’d like to end with a tribute to Dave Mirra. Multi-talented sportsman Mirra passed away yesterday aged 41, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. He was a legend of racing on the edge – whether it be on four wheels or two – and we’re grateful we had the chance to work with him on the DiRT series. Rest in peace, Dave.


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