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February 12, 2016

Hello DiRT fans! It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for this week’s DiRT Rally Road Book.


The DiRT Show

In case you missed it, you can catch up with this week’s DiRT Show on Youtube. It was our special console preview show, where @Kick_Up and @Hatward discussed all of the awesome new content we’re bringing to the game in just under a couple of months’ time. Thanks for all of the questions you sent in, too – we tried to get through as many of them as possible during the broadcast! Skip to the 14:30 mark if you want to head straight for the community questions, but be warned: if you skip ahead, you absolutely risk missing some DiRT gold.

The DiRT t-shirt competition – winner announced!

Thanks to everybody who submitted a design for our official merchandise and voted for their favourite. We saw some awesome designs and had over 1,500 votes cast overall – so thanks for making the DiRT t-shirt competition such a big success! We’ve now contacted the winner, and subject to a little tweaking for licensing, we’re delighted to announce that this design from accro2008 will be your official DiRT t-shirt design:


But what’s that, you say? You loved the runner-up’s t-shirt too? At the time the vote closed, accro2008’s t-shirt was winning – but after this, another design saw a late surge in popularity.  So… We’ve decided to make two t-shirts! Congratulations runner up Norbi, whose design will also go into production in time for our console launch:


The designs will be off for manufacturing shortly, so stay tuned to see how you can get your hands on one. We might even be planning to give a t-shirt or two away in an up-coming competition…

The community trailer

Again, a huge thank you goes to you guys for sending in your footage – we got some cracking Rallycross clips in last week! We’re hoping to be able to share this with you soon, once it’s all ready – so stay tuned to see if your footage was featured…


Hangin’ with @Hatward

Hello DiRT friends! It’s a frantic morning in the studio as the Xbox One build is being prepared to be sent off to Microsoft. We had a late one running final tests last night, so there’s a strong smell of coffee in the studio this morning. It was all worthwhile though, the game is running like a dream on both platforms and it’s exactly the experience that PC players have grown to love over the last 10 months. :D

While the QA team were running to a strict and refined test plan, I was handed the dream task of… ”Just play the game!… Oh and eat this curry”. It’s the first time I’ve played the game from a fresh save in months, and I had a lot of fun in the first season of Championships. I took the Renault Alpine out for the first time, and it’s a hell of a drive. It’s the first RWD car in the 1960s class so it gives you something a little different when you’re starting out at that level. After winning I just had time to run the Daily and DNF the Weekly before we ran out of time. I’m so excited for you guys to get your hands on this game!

No time to pick up where I left off last night though, it’s back to the day job today. We’re prepping a small patch for PC to go live next week, which will lay the groundwork for adding two new languages – Portuguese Brazilian and Russian. @fish_balloon is double checking everything but it should be going live on Monday at 11am. We’re also looking at some web side changes to Leagues, with some usability improvements to the way a Season is created and displayed to entrants. More on that in the next few weeks!

Better get back to it – this coffee isn’t going to drink itself. ;)

Have a great weekend. Catch you all next week.

Screenshot of the week

Our favourite screenshot of the week comes from Chernoknizhnik. That car. That view. Yes please.310560_screenshots_2016-02-07_00002

Video of the week

This week’s video of the week comes from Porkhammer. The attack on the Jyrkysjärvi stage of Finland is utterly relentless, but still includes a little flash of finesse – check out the cheeky Scandinavian flick in the junction.

Thanks for stopping by today’s Road Book entry – and have a great weekend!

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