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February 26, 2016

Hello! And welcome to this week’s Road Book, complete with our awesome new Dev Diary. Have you seen it yet? Don’t worry if not – now’s your chance to catch up:

We’ve also got a couple of competitions going on across Facebook and Twitter! Fancy the chance to win one of three copies of DiRT Rally? It doesn’t matter if you’ve already downloaded it – if you’ve got a pal you want to go head-to-head with, see if you can bag a code for them. Enter on Twitter here, or on Facebook here. You’ve got until Monday morning to get your entry in, so good luck!

The other competition we’ve got going is pretty awesome too. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on two sets of 2x VIP tickets for the World RX season opener at Montalegre RX! If you’re free and able to get yourself to Portugal the weekend of the 15th-17th April, then head here or here for a chance to win tickets to the thrilling first event on the World RX calendar!

Full T&Cs are available on the ‘About’ bit of our Facebook page for both competitions – so check this out for the finer details.

Updates from the FIA World Rallycross Championship

With less than two months to go until the start of the season, announcements are still coming thick and fast for the championship year ahead. Former British RX champion Ollie O’Donovan has confirmed that he’ll be competing in a Ford Fiesta supercar for the second year – and with a poignant tweet, Reiniss Nitniss has indiciated that he’ll be leaving Team Olsbergs MSE… but to go where?

Janis Baumanis, World RX Team Austria’s latest recruit, has also spoken to WRX to discuss his expectations and hopes for the season ahead – you can catch up with his interview on the FIA World RX website. Exciting times ahead!


DiRT Rally: available for pre-order on Xbox One now!

Great news – we’re now up on the Playstation Store and the Xbox One store for pre-order! Head over to http://bit.ly/DiRTRallyXB1 to pre-order on XBox One, and http://bit.ly/DiRTRallyPS4 for Playstation. Everyone pre-ordering digitally will not only get DiRT Rally, but the Fully Loaded Mini Pack and the Fully Loaded Rallycross Pack too – which means you’ll have some awesome content unlocked and upgraded from the very beginning.

To get your Xbox One in the mood for playing DiRT Rally, don’t forget – we’ve created some awesome custom backgrounds, which you can download here. Depending on how interested you guys are, we’re also thinking about making some portrait smartphone-sized backgrounds. What do you guys reckon – would you like these?

Hangin’ with Hatward

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! DiRT Rally has gone gold on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. :D It feels so good to be able to finally say that, but the hard work is far from over – we’re still continuing work on the v1.1 PC update while the console discs are being manufactured. There’s no lead time for manufacturing a patch push to Steam, so until the cut off for a final QA pass we’re free to carry on development.

If you’re a console player itching to get started with your DiRT Rally career, there are a couple of things you can do before April 5th. Alongside pre-orders, our Community Hubs have gone live on both platforms.

On PlayStation 4, you can add dirtrallygame and find our Community Hub under “DiRTy Gossip”. This will be an ideal place to post your screenshots, videos and event times on April 5th, but before then you can find like minded players to talk about DiRT and all things Rally. A few of the development team are already members, so drop by and say hello. Another cool thing we’re doing on PlayStation 4 is utilising Sony’s Events system. This lets you register in advance for a Weekly event, get notified when the Event goes live, then load straight into the Online Events menu from the PlayStation 4 system menu. Quite a bit of work went into this behind the scenes – there’s custom artwork for the background, and each banner image, but it looks so cool it was totally worth it. Another reason to get psyched for launch week!



On Xbox One, the DiRT Rally Game Hub can be found under our store page. This will let you follow the game for all Xbox One related announcements, as well as giving you the opportunity to share our posts and send us your own messages. In time this page will become populated with loads of cool content, with updates from us thrown in for good measure. One thing in particular that’s unique to Xbox One is Monthly Challenges. These are like time limited achievements, that can only be earned in the calendar month that they’re live. To earn them you’ll need to complete the Monthly Online Event, but you’ll be rewarded with some artwork so be sure to let us know how you get on!


Whichever console you’re on – we hope you enjoy the game as much as our friends on PC. We’re specifically interested in hearing about you earning the Maximum Attack and  I am the 5% Trophies / Achievements. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion there will be more than 5% of you…;)

That’s about it from me – hope you all enjoy your weekends and we’ll catch up with you next week!

<3 Hatward

Screenshot of the week

We love this top-down shot of tozziFan’s. What a beaut.


Video of the week

It’s another World Record video this week! One of our favourite Twitch streamers, vajbTV, nailed an extremely sharp-looking WR at Geufron Forest with the MBW E30. Be warned, his language is a little fruity – but it’s well worth the watch for the sheer speed and close calls. This is what you call racing on the edge.

This week we must also give an honourable mention to Old5uy over on Twitch. Just look at his rig! Freaking. Awesome.

Watch live video from Old5uy on www.twitch.tv

That’s all for this week – thanks for stopping by!

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