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March 4, 2016

It’s Friday afternoon, which of course means that it’s time for the DiRT Rally Road Book! As always, it’s been a busy week at Codies HQ; we’re frantically beavering away on getting everything in order for next month’s big launch, including making some big plans for the 5th April! It’s always been time to spread the word about DiRT Rally, but we’re taking it up a notch over the next month – including making an appearance at the Gadget Show Live. If you’re free at the end of this month and fancy experiencing the game on a simulator, you can get 10% off if you buy tickets with code EXHIBFEB.

Anyway, without any further ado – here’s what’s gone on in the world of DiRT this week:

The Community trailer

We’re so proud to be able to share the Community trailer with you this week! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted footage, it was all brilliant – but after much editing and deliberation from the video team, we’re super happy to share with you the wonderful final version:

As well as having a variety of users, you managed to capture an awesome variety of stages and cars – so top work on what you sent through to us! It’s just a shame that we weren’t able to feature everyone’s footage, as there was just too much of it to get into a minute and a half – especially when we wanted to show off the range of locations and vehicles. This video is for our amazing Steam community who helped us to create DiRT Rally, but also for the console players on their way to joining us. We wanted to show you DiRT Rally in its purest form: when it’s being raced and enjoyed by our community. No fancy footage, no gimmicks no corny live-action… This is how good DiRT Rally looks on your screen at home.


The Steel book update

For all of you guys wanting to know where you can get your hands on the Steel book edition, we’ll have some news for you soon! We’re just confirming retailers now – so as soon as we’ve done this, we can provide you with some more info on where to get your hands on these.

European press get their hands on DiRT Rally

European press activity is hotting up! In addition to the reviews that will be coming at the end of the month, the press are giving their first thoughts of their DiRT Rally previews. In Italy, multiplayer.it, everyeye.it, eurogamer.it, thegamesmachine.it and gamesvillage.it have all sung the console game’s praises. Our favourite (translated) quotes include ‘the best product in the rally world, without further doubt’, ‘the game by Codemasters seems to have no rivals’, and ‘DiRT Rally has all it takes to dominate on consoles’. Italy, we are BLUSHING! We can’t wait to hear your full reviews. ;)

It’s a similar story over in Germany too: play3.de have said that ‘going back to the roots was the best that could have happened to the [DiRT] series’, and games.ch may have provided us with our favourite quote of all time: ‘What’s the difference between God and DiRT Rally? God sometimes forgives your mistakes!’

FIA World Rallycross Championship updates

Unless you’ve had your head in the clouds all week, you’ll have seen the frankly mega announcement that Sebastien Loeb will be competing in this year’s World RX championship! Driving with Timmy Hansen for Team Peugeot Hansen, Loeb looks set to re-ignite his old rivalries with Petter Solberg and Ken Block. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

The 2016 season is set to be quite something – especially now there are champions popping up all over the place in the line-up.


Hangin’ with Hatward

Hello DiRT Fans! We’ve got just over a month before we welcome Playstation 4 and Xbox One players into the DiRT Rally family. We’re so psyched to see what you think of the game. Last week I talked about the Community hubs on console, and it’s been great to start talking to you over there. Here are a few highlights:

“One of the best racing games is coming, seriously Codemasters, you made the game of my dreams and I CAN NOT WAIT!! ^-^” – Chakex

“Same here, Logitech G29+H shifter purchased, now I’m building the cockpit! :)” – Stingray20174

“My first stage on launch day will probably be Rally Finland’s Kakaristo, suck a sick stage…I’ve been there in real life! ;)” – Equinox_X_

“I need to crack on and build my racing frame!” – Keethos

Yes you do Keith. Yes you do.

If you haven’t signed up yet – follow us on Xbox One from the Store page or get in the Communities hub on PS4 and tell us what you’re most looking forward to on April 5th!

Another thing I need to get done in preparation for launch day is knighting some VIPs. If you’re already rocking the shield and 00 car liveries on PC and intend to double dip on console, get in touch with your Gamertag / PSN ID and I’ll make sure you are sufficiently represented whichever platform you’re playing on. I’ve also got a list of new VIPs for PC that will go live with v1.1, but there’s still room for a couple more. If you’ve seen something particularly amazing somewhere in the deep dark interwebz that we’ve somehow missed, be sure to send it over. And if you want your own shield…keep being awesome. We’ll find you.

From me and the rest of the DiRT Dev team – enjoy your weekends and for goodness sake…Don’t Cut.


Screenshot of the week

We’re heading into the dark for this week’s screenshot of the week! User cole roddy’s named his picture ‘Cole and the Blind Forest‘, which is ever the apt title for this cinematic shot.


Screenshot of the week

This week’s Video of the Week comes from dgeesio! He took on Wednesday’s Daily Event, crashed it, but righted his wrong with this blistering run of Fferm Wynt Reverse in the rain. Now that’s the kind of attitude we like to see.

Another special mention should go to CrazyNevada again for his Monte Carlo WR. If only I could find that rhythm for Col de Turini Depart… Or any of Monte Carlo, for that matter.

That’s all for this week folks – thanks for tuning in!

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