Take on FIA World Rallycross Championship drivers with the World RX Esports Invitational – Qualify on March 28th with DiRT Rally 2.0



March 27, 2020

Think you can take on the real-life World RX drivers? Put yourself to the test with the World RX Esports Invitational by qualifying this Saturday on Steam.



Before we go any further, make sure you read the official announcement here.

This blog post is here to give more information on the Qualifier format itself.



Qualifier Format:

  • The Invitational and Qualifier are only available on Steam
  • Start Time: Saturday, March 28 at 10.00 UTC
  • Finish Time: Sunday, March 29 at 10.00 UTC
  • Find the event in My Team > Events
  • You can use any 2018 RX Supercar you have in your Garage
  • Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  • Conditions: Daytime / Clear
  • Laps: 6 (5 + 1 Joker)
  • Your total cumulative time across all laps is added to the Leaderboards.


Some additional tips:

  • You will need to own a 2018 RX Supercar in My Team, so make sure you get them before the Qualifiers start.
  • Like any My Team Event, engine and other performance upgrades are available.
  • If you need to spend some time unlocking engine upgrades, the fastest way to do it is to create a My Team Career Championship. You’ll make progress with event Event you complete.
  • My Team Career Championships are also the fastest way to earn Credits in-game, though if you need extra take on the Daily AI Challenges.
  • Get some practice in beforehand. The conditions are the same as in Time Trial (note: Time Trial cars are fully-upgraded).
  • You are allowed to tune your car.
  • When you have finished your run, make sure you hit Continue on the post-Event screen. If you switch off your PC or quit the game before this, your time may not be uploaded to the Leaderboards.


We’d like to wish you all the best of luck, and can’t wait to see how you fare against the professional drivers in April.


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