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April 1, 2016

It’s the week before launch, and we are SO EXCITED!! For those of you who’ve pre-ordered DiRT Rally on console, congratulations – and for those who haven’t, you’ve only got a few days to get your order in so you don’t miss out on the various pre-order packs available across the board. Those of you who are playing on PC – let’s face it, you’ve already won because you’ve been playing the game for almost a year. ;) But you will however be getting your hands on the new content – so here’s a quick video to remind you of what’s about to arrive…

It’s an extra-special edition of the Road Book this week, as it’s not every week we get to tell you about what’s going on for the launch of the new DiRT game… Nor is it every week that we get to invite you. ;)  But more on that later. We’ve finally gotten our hands on the beautiful boxed copies and Steelbooks, and just look at how pretty it all is…

We also announced some exciting new DLC on the channels this morning! We’re sorry to say that whatever the Rock is cooking, it has nothing to do with DiRT Rally. Happy April Fools’ Day. ;)

And now, something that’s no joke. We have a little something special to introduce to you on Tuesday! But… that’s all I can say. So yes, this is potentially the worst teaser in the world – but Tuesday morning. Dirtgame.com. Get your RaceNet accounts at the ready. That’s all I’m saying.

The Gadget Show


As you may’ve seen across our various social channels, we’re at the Gadget Show this week! We’ll be taking the stage each day to show everyone the beauty of DiRT, as well as arming our stand with plenty of PS4 pods so you can play the game before it comes out next week.  But that’s not all… As you all know, DiRT Rally offers a seriously thrilling and bumpy ride – with some of the harshest terrains, tracks and cambers of the racing world. So at the Gadget Show, with the help of Motion Simulation Ltd, we’re going to give you an experience that allows you to feel the full effect of the game’s forces! Their awesome TL3 Simulator features a wrap-around spherical screen, dynamic audio, professional force-feedback steering and 3 axes of motion, with the ability to generate 2G of acceleration. So it’s safe to say, we’re really excited for everyone at the show to experience the ultimate immersive gaming set-up at our stand. If you’ve not got your tickets yet, there’s still time to buy some for the weekend – just check out the Gadget Show Live website for more info.  

The Big Launch!

Now, it’s down to business. What could we possibly be doing to celebrate DiRT rally coming out on console? That’s right – we’ve decided to get a convoy of 20 classic rally cars to drive around London town, driving past iconic locations in central London. THEN, we’re going to pull up on the Southbank, where Monster Energy, plenty of PS4 pods, and the awesome Motion Simulator. X-Games and Rallycross legend Liam Doran will be joining us too, with his World Rallycross cars – so it’s going to be a pretty special day…

And the best bit is, you’re all invited! Come down and see us to play the game on PS4 and/or the awesome motion simulator, and check out some of the most iconic replica rally cars of all time. If you’re in and around the area, then keep an eye out for the #DiRTRally convoy too! We have 10 copies of DiRT Rally to giveaway on Twitter – and all you need to do enter is snap a picture of the cars you see and hashtag your tweet with #DiRTRally. You can take pictures of the event itself too – as long as one of our rally cars is in shot, it counts as an entry. :)

As if that wasn’t enough fun for the day, we’re also holding a competition to win one of our Crazy Karts on the stand! Pull the fastest time in the motion simulator, and you’ll win one of our awesome DiRT Rally Crazy Karts. They are excellent fun, even if we’ve not quite mastered them in the office…

Test-driving one of our Crazy Karts in the office. Haven’t QUITE got the hang of it yet… A video posted by DiRT (@dirtgame) on

Console reviews

As if you needed your arm twisting any more, the reviews for our console versions have been coming out this week – and, rather delightfully, it appears that we’re a hit! At this moment in time, we’re currently the best-rated racing game of 2016, and the fourth best PS4 game of 2016 – so we’ll happily take that, thank you very much. Here’s a few of our favourite reviews, from Top Gear, Game Informer, US Gamer and Eurogamer.

Again, we must give a huge thanks to those of you who’ve been there throughout our Early Access period – the game wouldn’t be what it is today without you. <3

Hangin’ with Hatward



Oh and it’s Road Book day! Wow, the last couple of weeks have flown by. The Racing Studio is a blur of activity this week, talking about server pushes and builds and press releases and events and honestly I’ll be glad when this is all over. Partly so we can unwind a little, but mostly it’s because you guys will finally have the game in your hands. Or on PC, you’ll finally have the new content we’ve been teasing you with for months!

So what can we talk about before launch? Well, one thing that we haven’t revealed is which of our ~180 Steam achievements have made it across into the console version. We’re only allocated so many on console, so we chose our favourites and curated the list down to the best fifty.

You can find the full list with our friends at True Achievements here – http://www.trueachievements.com/n23239/dirt-rally-achievement-list-exclusive-reveal.htm. We’ve been talking about this a lot recently so keep your eyes peeled for some of the history behind some of the achievements. If we miss your favourite, let us know!

I’ve been asked for some more details on the PC update that’s coming on Tuesday, but short of dropping the fix list early there isn’t much I can tell you. New content aside, there are a LOT of fixes for all areas of the game, including:

  • The “I am the 5%” achievement
  • Pausing / ghosting in PVP
  • Punctures (as mentioned in the Road Book a while back)
  • General graphics-ness
  • Corner cutting in Germany
  • Reset lines in Monte Carlo
  • Damaged exhausts increasing performance
  • Alt F4ing the Daily

I think that about does it for this week. See you at launch!

Oh crap I’m not ready for this.

Screenshot of the week

This week’s screenshot of the week comes from ♕Bicauze♕ on Steam! You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this beautiful vehicle, considering it’s on our boxes – but we fall in love with it every single time. This is DiRT Rally at its purest: driving an immense car, kicking up dirt.


Video of the week

Since vajbTV got a Ps4 copy of DiRT Rally, he’s been absolutely bossing it. From April 5th, you’ll have a range of new cars in the game – including the Renault Alpine – so here’s an awesome taster of what it’s like…

And that’s it for now! This time next week, all of you from every platform will finally be able to experience the game. It’s been a long wait, but we promise – it’s so worth it. Strap yourselves in… it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Oh, and DiRT Rally newbies? One final tip for you. DON’T CUT. :)

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