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April 15, 2016

We’ve just about caught up on life after all of the launch week shenanigans – so it’s back to work at Codies HQ! And you know what Friday means… It’s time for this week’s Road Book.

Your feedback

Thank you so much to those of you who’ve taken the time to share information, screenshots and videos of bugs, issues and glitches. We’re taking on board all of your feedback, and investigating everything you’ve been raising with us. We’re committed to addressing these issues, so please keep them coming – you can share anything you notice on the forums or on Steam.

We’re also aware that there have been issues with some of you Xbox One drivers being able to redeem your MINI Pack codes. Don’t worry, both us and Microsoft are all over it – so we’re hopeful that they’ll be introducing a retro-fix very soon for those of you who haven’t been able to fully download it yet.


DiRT Rally vs. Real Life

For those of you who are wondering just how realistic DiRT Rally is, Youtuber VITI kindly put together a comparison. Ever wondered how close DiRT Rally’s Sweet Lamb is to the real life rally? Take a look for yourself:

The FIA World Rallycross Championship

World RX is just around the corner, and we cannot wait! Hanging out with Liam Doran last week got us excited for the season opener, but since then, Quest TV, Hoonigan Racing and the rest of the paddock have been getting us excited for what’s going down this weekend! Have you seen Quest TV’s promo for their full season coverage? Don’t forget – the whole season will be broadcast on Quest TV in the UK – so make sure you tune in to see these magnificent vehicles in action.

If you’ve checked the weather forecast for MontalegreRX track, you’ll have seen that the weather’s not looking too good at the moment… could we see our first WRX race of the season in rainy or even snowy conditions? IMAGINE. It looks like it might just be a bit wet at this stage, but it’s not uncommon for motorsport to be surprised by unanticipated volumes of precipitation…

Talking of Liam Doran, Gadget Show Live presenter Adam Savage has a Doran-signed PS4 Legend Edition of DiRT Rally up for grabs on Twitter! The winner will be picked and announced on Monday, so get your entry in now if you fancy this special copy.

Not only this, but this season’s liveries are all being unveiled this week. Just take a look at Team Hoonigan’s WRX liveries. That’s a sexy looking Ford Focus RS right there.


Here are a few more of the liveries that will be joining Block, Bakkerud and co in Portugal – it’s a good looking pack this year!

Finally, if you want to catch up with the official preview of the weekend, head to FIA World Rallycross’s website! There’s an abundance of insight there, as well as some pretty pictures. ;)


A special shout-out to Vajb

Now the game’s out and everyone’s enjoying it, we feel it’s time to say thank you to some of our awesome streamers out there. VajbTV’s been one of our DiRT Rally streamers from the start, and he’s one of the most formidable drivers in terms of times and determination. Follow him over on Twitch to get involved with his streams – you may even spot Hatward lurking in the chat with some keys…

Over to the studio

Hi everyone. My name is Paul (@kick_up). Some of you might remember me from those old road books back in 2015. Well, I’m back from gallivanting around the world, selling copies of DiRT Rally from my suitcase. Having travelled over 15,000 miles (24,000km) in the last few weeks I think it is safe to say that it has been a bit weird actually being sat at my desk doing work.

It is always great fun talking to journalists, reviewers and fans about the game. When we do press tours it is always really rewarding to see the initial reaction to the game we have been working on and to give the the inside story behind the decisions we made. With DiRT Rally that has been especially true as we went about making it for you and with your help. I think that message has resonated really well with the media and that has been reflected in the reviews that they have written.

It is however great to be back . While I have been away the team have been kept very busy getting everything finished up for release but rather than sitting back and basking in the success we are now scouring the forums and reading your feedback. Some of the stuff that you have found are bugs and we will be addressing them as best as we can but there are some other bits of feedback that are more fundamental and we need to give them more time and consideration over the coming months.

Screenshot of the week

This week, we’re appreciating EX-SWAT’s rear end.


Video of the week

Our favourite video of the week comes from the guys over at DiRT Central! These guys are awesome fans who’ve started to branch into making brilliant DiRT videos. Their latest adventure in the Alpine is a seriously smooth affair…

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