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April 22, 2016

Hello! And welcome to this week’s Road Book. We hope you’ve all had excellent weeks hammering your favourite rally racing game (that’s DiRT Rally, obviously). It’s a light week in terms of updates from us, but we’re still here beavering away behind the scenes. Here’s the latest from DiRT world, World Rallycross, and beyond!


FIA World Rallycross season opener – Portugal

The FIA World Rallycross Championship returned with a bang last weekend, as Petter Solberg kicked off his campaign to defend his title against this year’s pack of contenders. And we have to say, he did a pretty good job! Solberg scooped the win at Montalegre RX, with Robin Larsson and Topi Heikkinen completing the podium.

DiRT 2 star and Hoonigan Racing legend Ken Block suffered with a software glitch on day one, which saw his car get stuck with an open throttle – and rally legend Sebastien Loeb made an impressive debut in the sport, finishing fifth in his Peugeot 208 WRX Supercar. Unfortunately, he was knocked out of podium contention after suffering from a transmission issue – but showed a very strong start in the sport. If this race was anything to go by, the rest of the season’s going to be an absolute corker.

If you missed the action, don’t worry – just catch up with the highlights!

Absolute Rally podcast

Want to know more about how DiRT Rally was made, and what’s in store for its future? Absolute Rally interviewed Paul on their podcast this week, which you can catch up right here. It’s all absolutely fascinating stuff – but head to the 48 minute mark to hear everyone’s favourite Chief Games Designer get a grilling from the guys at Absolute Rally.

Cover photo competition

Now the game’s officially out and you all know about it, we’ve decided that we need an image change… Which is why we’re running a Facebook cover photo competition! Head over to our page to see the entries, vote for your favourite, or even submit an entry yourself. You’ve got until next Wednesday to make your mark! If it works well, we’ll be doing it again for all of our other profiles too – so watch this space for more.

In the meantime, here’s where the action’s at: https://www.facebook.com/dirtgame/posts/1050577345014833

Hangin’ with Hatward

Hello DiRT Fans!  Everyone in the studio is getting back into their regular groove now that the dust is settling on console launch and the PC update. We’re investigating several issues that have been reported on our forums, Steam and Reddit. If you’ve spotted a problem, please let us know in one of the following places and we’ll take a look:

DiRT Games – Technical Assistance
Steam – Tech Support

I’ve had a great time hanging out with @vajb on his evening Twitch streams this week. It’s humbling watching one of the fastest players in the world nail out amazing stage runs, and all of the guys and girls hanging out in chat are an absolute pleasure to talk to. He’s building a great community around the game, and if you drop by you’ll almost certainly bump into some of the biggest names in the DiRT player community. I’ll be on stream a couple of evenings next week, and you might even catch Paul and Jamie making an appearance!

I’ve had a lot of questions about VIPs now that the console version is out in the wild, so I wanted to let all of our new players what the deal is with those shields on event leaderboards.

We’re blessed with an incredibly vibrant and friendly community and we hugely appreciate everyone that buys and plays our games. Some of you have however, have gone above and beyond. Our forums, /r/dirtgame on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook are all buzzing with ideas for the game, detailed bug reports, and helpful gameplay guides. Some of you create amazing video content, tuning setups, or stream regular broadcasts.  For those of you that dedicate significant amounts of your time to playing and supporting our game, we can make you DiRT VIPs. We’ve created three unique liveries for one car in each discipline in the game, and you’ll also get an icon next to your name on the leaderboards.


Basically, keep being awesome. We’re always watching.

That’s it from me for this week. Enjoy your weekends and if you’re around drop by and hang out on Twitch next week!

<3 Hatward

Screenshot of the week

Eduardo from Steam’s screenshot shows exactly what it’s like to battle the elements in Wales. This shot perfectly captures the feeling of facing the wind and rain whipping your windscreen.


Video of the week

This week’s star video comes all the way from Christian Ortega, aka @Christian_o182, on Twitter. Check him pushing the Cosworth to the limit in Monte Carlo in a particularly sweet set-up.

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