Win a trip to the DirtFish Rally School with the Solberg World Cup



April 10, 2020

Looking to take your DiRT Rally skills to the next level, and get a real-life rally lesson from Oliver Solberg? Then you’ll want to compete in the Solberg World Cup.

Before we go any further, make sure you read the official announcement on the Solberg World Cup, a DiRT Rally 2.0 Club Championship run by professional rally driver Oliver Solberg.




Race across 6 Challenging Rally Locations


The Solberg World Cup will see players take on 6 rally Events hand-picked by Oliver Solberg, based on real-life rally events he has competed in so far.

Like all great rally championships you’ll start in Monte Carlo and Sweden, before touring the world across Greece, the United States, Finland and finally Wales. You’ll be driving in R5 cars.

The entire competition is run using the DiRT Rally 2.0 clubs system, which allows players to create their own cross-platform rally events to compete with friends across the world. You can sign up here and the Events will appear in-game when they’re available.

To access the Events in-game, head to the Freeplay tab on the main menu and select RaceNet Clubs.



Win a trip to the DirtFish Rally School


The Solberg World Cup will award prizes to the top players, with the grand prize being an all-expensed paid trip to the DirtFish Rally School in Seattle, Washington (USA) where you’ll get to spend the day with Oliver himself as he teaches you how to drive a real rally car.

The top 3 drivers in each Event will also receive goodies from Oliver Solberg, and there are various “Solberg Surprizes” to be awarded to random participants.


DirtFish have been long-time friends of the DiRT series and if you want to virtually visit them, you can head to the Freeplay tab DiRT Rally 2.0, and then to Freeroam. A number of cars in the game also have DirtFish’s familiar black and orange liveries, so go check them out.



Automatic entry for The Solberg RACE participants


A few weeks ago Oliver Solberg hosted The Solberg RACE, a one-off Club Event around Argentina. The response to that was immense with over 4,000 real and virtual drivers taking part, making it one of the largest Clubs across all of DiRT Rally 2.0.

The success of this event is what motivated Oliver to go even further with the Solberg World Cup, and the great thing is that everybody who competed in The Solberg RACE is already entered, as the same DiRT Rally 2.0 Club is being used.

If you were one of these 4,000 players, the Solberg World Cup will appear in the RaceNet Clubs section of DiRT Rally 2.0 automatically, and if you weren’t, you can join here.



Get all Locations with DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition


The Solberg World Cup features locations such as Monte Carlo, Sweden, Greece, Finland and Wales, all of which were released as downloadable content for DiRT Rally 2.0 in 2019.


If you’ve never played DiRT Rally 2.0 before, the best way to get everything in a single purchase is with the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition.

This will give you access to over 80 of the world’s finest rally and rallycross cars, and 26 locations. You’ll also be able to re-live the career of the legendary Colin McRae.

The Game of the Year Edition is available on disc for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and digitally across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on PC via Steam, Oculus and the Microsoft Store.


If you already own DiRT Rally 2.0 but have not yet tried out the additional content, the best way to get it all in one purchase is with the DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass.

Again, this will give you all 4 Seasons of content, and the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack as a bonus.

This is available digitally on all platforms (note: all Oculus players already have this content unlocked with the game).



Get ready to Rally


Now that you have all the essential information, it’s time to rally!

If you need to brush up on your skills beforehand, check out the DiRT Rally School on YouTube, which teaches you various driving techniques.


As a side-note, in version 1.14 of DiRT Rally 2.0 (due some time in May) we’ll be unlocking Oliver Solberg’s 2019 Wales Rally livery for all players, so that you can deck out your Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 in style.

Petter Solberg’s livery from the same event will also be unlocked at this time, both liveries were timed-exclusive rewards up until now.


One final piece of housekeeping before you set off, here are the essential links for the Solberg World Cup:



Good luck out there.





The Solberg World Cup is an event independently run by Oliver Solberg and DirtFish, using DiRT Rally 2.0. 

Codemasters accepts no liability arising from the running of the Solberg World Cup, or the delivery of any prizes won by participants in the competition. 

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