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June 3, 2016

Welcome to this week’s Road Book. It’s been a fortnight or so since we last updated you on the world of DiRT – so here’s what’s new with us!

RaceNet fix

As we mentioned in past Road Books, we’ve been working on bringing further updates to RaceNet to make sure everyone – particularly those on Xbox One – has a smooth experience with playing online. Our latest fix, which dropped last week, looks to have done the job – with reports coming in from you guys that you’re enjoying reliable connectivity again! Just drop us a line if that’s still not the case, but hopefully that’s not going to be any of you. Welcome back to doing your dailies, and we’re sorry for the couple of weeks of patchiness.


Talking of playing DiRT Rally on Xbox One, this week we reached a pretty monumental milestone: we went over 10 million gamerscore on Tuesday! We also have an insanely impressive tally of 906,818 achievements unlocked, and we’ll be keeping an eye on how quickly you guys can get that number up to the magical one million figure. We’ve not been out even two months yet, so these numbers are a testament to how dedicated and impressive you guys are.

FIA World Rallycross Championship – round-up and competition!

Last week saw the FIA World Rallycross Championship arrive in our home nation! The GB leg of the season took over Lydden Hill with a seriously special round of wheel-to-wheel action. If you missed the fun stuff last weekend, don’t worry – there’s a handy couple of highlight videos you can watch:

After Petter Solberg looked dominant all weekend and Bakkerud looked pretty snappy in the Focus, it was starting to look like Ekstrom’s winning streak might have been broken. That wasn’t the case though, with Ekstom powering through to take his third consecutive win of the season. We can’t wait to see what Hell has in store for us next weekend! (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say…)

On Hell, we’re running a competition to see how well you guys know your Rallycross! If you can answer this question correctly, you’ll put yourself in the running to bag yourself some RX swag and some DiRT goodies too. Two lucky winners will win themselves a new RX Snapback and T-shirt, as well as some DiRT Rally goodies.

A photo posted by DiRT (@dirtgame) on

 So, to be in which a chance of winning, just answer us this: who do you think will win in Hell? We’ll revisit the competition and announce the winners once the race is over to see everyone who answered correctly – but you can enter by either tweeting or emailing your answer over to us at @dirtgame or competitions@codemasters.com before 12PM GMT 11th June 2016 to be in with a shout of winning! And if you’d rather not leave it to chance, you can always head over to the WRX store for a quick browse of their new shiny stuff on offer: http://www.rallycrossrxshop.com

The next patch

 There were some things we were going to talk to you about this Road Book, about the next update… But alas, we’re going to have to remain tight-lipped on that for now. Without giving too much away, the next patch isn’t all fixes – and there will be some new things which we can’t talk about just yet. However as soon as I get the green light to talk about it, you’ll be the first to hear! However, you can still catch up with the patch side of the update by checking out our last Road Book entry – which, rather handily, you can find right here: https://www.dirtgame.com/blog/5585 Just for now though, I’m going to leave this here. ;)

DiRT Rally ultimate driving playlist

Yesterday, we did a quick shout-out on social media to see what sort of songs you guys like to drive to. And oh my gosh, did you all deliver. We’ll be putting the top choices into a Youtube and Spotify playlist, but here’s just a little flavour of your suggestions to whet your appetite… But yeah, it’s safe to say there are some absolute bangers in there.

Tweets of the week

As usual, you guys have been knocking it out of the park with your DiRTy posts. So just in case you’ve missed any brilliant tweets over the past couple of weeks, we’ve put together quite the list of highlights! This will be a regular feature in the Road Books to come, as a/ you’re all hilarious, and b/ … you’re all hilarious.

A particularly special shout-out goes to @Kick_Up and @rallycameraman on their efforts at the EMCOS Red Dragon IT Stages last weekend! Resident Chief Games Designer Paul Coleman co-piloted with long-standing community member (and now rally driver!) Luke Harvey. The pair finished 31st overall, but bagged an awesome 2nd in Class B – congratulations!

And here’s a cheeky on-board too, while we’re on the topic. ;)

DiRT Rally Limited Edition t-shirts

The lovely people over at MCV have called out our Limited Edition DiRT Rally t-shirts as some of the best racing game merch out there! If you missed us launching these, then don’t worry – the short story is that we asked our community for designs, and then asked them to vote for their favourite – with this beautiful line design coming out on top! Fast forward a couple of months later, and we’re down to our final few t-shirts.


If you want to pick one up, there’s still time! Head over to our Codemasters store to see if we’ve still got tees in your size: https://store.codemasters.com/

Screenshot of the week

This week’s favourite screenshot comes from BoTy quattro® over on Steam. Loving the night shot.


Video of the week

It was a tough pick this week… So we’ve decided to bestow two videos with the title!

The first is a blistering run through Sweet Lamb from dgeesio, and the latter’s Chr0m3xMoDz absolutely throwing it around Lydden Hill – both of which are utterly top notch when wanting to see what racing on the edge looks like.

That’s all for this week’s edition – but we’ll be back in a couple of weeks’ time – and possibly sooner – with more news.

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