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June 5, 2015

Hello and welcome to this week’s slightly delayed Road Book. As some of our regular followers may have noticed, we had a mini crisis this Wednesday when the Road Book would usually go live but everything is sorted now.

To catch those up who weren’t around the TL;DR version is we accidently put a still-in-development build of DiRT Rally live which contained some new stuff that wasn’t finished and could have potentially screwed up a lot of people’s game saves.

Thankfully we caught it early enough and managed to put it right but it did still hit a few people (less than half a percent). Regardless of how many it hit we’re sorry it happened. Since Wednesday we’ve totally rewritten how we go about managing putting our patches live and it shouldn’t happen again.

It was a little bit like when you clip one of those rocks at the side of the road in Greece and you spin your car out – we knew we’d hit something eventually and the best we can do is prepare and trust in our skill to get back on track.


A big thank you to you guys for being so awesome and understanding during our little spin in the road.

Speaking of getting back on track, here’s Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman with news of what we’re working on this week.

Kick it with Kick_up

“I spent the first half of this week on holiday driving my family around the excellent roads of North Wales and the Lleyn Peninsula so I haven’t got as much to update on this week. On my return @BettaLines travelled down to get hands on with the new Force Feedback system.

I know some have been frustrated about how long this has taken and the fact that we accidentally revealed our Tarmac Terrors content may have made some people think that we are just making content and not looking to improve the areas that have been called out in your feedback.

I just wanted to clarify that FFB has been the priority of the Simulation Team and it is our next update to DiRT Rally. The Germany content you may have seen is actually much further from being completed and it’s our environment team that are putting that together. I want to say a big thank you to @BettaLines for taking the time to come and see us. Hopefully this tweet gives you a good idea of what he thought.”

Building A Mountain from the Ground Up


Hi DiRT fans!  I’m John Barnes, Experienced Level Designer. On DiRT Rally, besides being responsible for building the Monte Carlo stages, I also got to build what is probably the most requested track in Codemasters’ history: Pikes Peak!

For those who don’t know, Pikes Peak is a track set in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

It’s a steep, twisting, death-trap of a road, up a 14,115 foot tall mountain.

Each year, a Hillclimb event is run, playing host to such luminaries of motorsport as Rod Millen, Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima, Stig Blomqvist, and Sebastien Loeb, and numerous other new and veteran racers. They each push the limits of themselves and their machines to try to beat the mountain, developing ever more powerful engines and lighter vehicles. Many have tried to best it, many have failed. A rare few have earned the right to call themselves Champion of its treacherous curves.

Read the Full Post Here…

The Basics of Rallying with Michael E

This rather awesome video tutorial video popped up this week and it’s all about the basics of rallying. If you’re new to DiRT Rally or even one of our aliens it’s worth a watch; with instructions on weight shifting, Scandinavian flicks, power on/power off and more. Give it a watch and you’ll be sure to shave a few seconds of your stage times.

If you want you to create a video teaching other players how to get the most from DiRT Rally, be sure to send it over. In return we’ll add the best tutorials to our playlist on our YouTube channel and host them in the tutorials section of our website.

We’ll also have exclusive DiRT swag for those we host on the playlist. Simply tweet your tutorials over to us (@dirtgame) when you’ve put them together. If you need some logos you’ll find them here and a collection of hi-res screenshots and artwork here.

Over To You

Twitter Followers League – This week we set up the Official @dirtgame Twitter League (or DTL for short). This week we’re running Monte in Group A cars. Just click the link if you’d like to take part. It is just a bit of fun but we may have DiRT Shirts for the winners.

#FeedbackFriday – Once a week, we like to take stock of how we’re doing and find out how you guys feel about DiRT and what we’re doing with it. If you’d like to take part there are loads of ways. You can reply to this tweet, post on the Codies Forums and the Steam Forums or even join us on /r/dirtgame.

And to wrap up this week’s Road Book we’ve another video for you. This one’s by griev0r and is the perfect way to chill out after a pretty hectic week.

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